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Oct 11, 2011 02:02 PM

3 nights in Lubbock - anything good?

Heading down from Maine for a long weekend. I always try to eat local. Thinking Mexican, BBQ and maybe a steakhouse? No chains unless it's a very local one. Anything chow worthy?

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  1. I'm sure it's too late to do you any good, but perhaps future visitors to Lubbock will benefit.

    1. Cancun on Slide: This is a Jaliscan restaurant with marvelous food in a slightly upscale setting, but at very low prices. My four favorite dishes are chile colorado, chile verde, the Mexican Flag enchilada plate, and carnitas. Ask for the habanero chile with your chips, and be sure to drink a maragarita or two.

    2. Maharaja: A top-flight Indian restaurant in Lubbock? You better believe it. I've eaten Indian food all over the western hemisphere and Maharaja is in my top two Indian restaurants overall. The chef is from Hyderabad and he will make your food about as hot and spicy as you can take it. The chicken 65, chicken vindaloo, and chile chicken are excellent, as are the rasam and pakoras.

    3. Orlando's on Q: A basic red sauce joint, but with a southwestern flair. Go for the unusual items such as the Down and Dirty Tortellini, the green chile/potato soup, and the green chile chicken linguine. As an aside, the salads here are spectacular--don't ask me why. This restaurant is quaint, intimate and charming.

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    1. re: Perilagu Khan

      Glad you posted this up. I grabbed some lamb roganjosh from Maharaja, and while they did nail the heat, the lamb wasn't as tender as I'd like. I think I'll try and check out their lunch buffet as well because the naan was outstanding. Pretty impressed that a restaurant in Lubbock beats out most Indian places in the bigger Texas metro areas.

      Are there any particular Hyderabadi specialties you'd recommend? Also preferably not the biryani - unless this is a must-try.

      1. re: air

        I'm happy you got some use from my post.

        The biryani is fine, but I certainly wouldn't call it a "must-try."

        I'm not qualified to assert that any of the dishes are specific to Hyderabad. Most seem to be stock Indian dishes that you'll find in most Indian restaurants in the US. That said, there may be offerings in the vegetarian portion of the menu that would interest you. Again, seeing as how I'm a card-carrying carnivore, I'm unqualified to comment on that aspect of the resto.

      2. re: Perilagu Khan

        Had to rely on Yelp but had two good meals and several forgettable ones. Had very good chopped beef sandwich at Tom and Bingo’s BBQ Pit. Strange place with basically sandwiches and nothing else – maybe chips. The chopped beef is very, very good and for someone from (way) out of town I thought the price was reasonable at about $5. They are not big so you really have to eat two. If you eat in, you are sitting at schoolhouse type chair/desks. The place sets a new standard for no-frills but I really liked it.
        Sunday brunch at Home Café. Coming from the god-less northeast, I wasn’t really prepared for (almost) everything to be closed on Sunday but luckily stumbled upon Home Café. This place was wonderful. Great chicken fried steak. Great quiche. They say the menu changes daily and that they always run out of food so go early. Place has a very un-west Texas feel to it with a hippy-esk waitstaff – very friendly.
        Triple J Brewery: food just ok. Beer was pretty good (and cheap) and was nice to be able to get something other than bud, coors, light, ultra light, light ice, ultra light ice, etc.
        Chimy’s Cerveceria before Tech football game. Cold beer, pretty good nachos and very drunk college kids. I liked it from a nostalgic perspective.

        1. re: bobbert

          Those are accurate descriptions. Tom & Bingo's is a Lubbock institution having been around since 1950. The sandwiches are tasty, but I have to spend $15 to get sated. Thanks but no thanks.

          1. re: Perilagu Khan

            Up here in the northeast, we're used to paying stupid prices for food. I've had burgers at 3 different place in the last month ranging from $14 to $20. My excuse for the $20 burger is that I didn't have my glasses wIth me and couldn't read the menu and figured I'd be safe ordering a burger. It happened to be a very good burger. Two of those chopped beef sandwiches for $10 didn't seem so bad.

            1. re: bobbert

              Yeah, I suppose when y'all hit a place like Lubbock you experience sticker shock in reverse.

              Incidentally, dam' fool that I am, I ordered the 34-dollar pre fixe fried chicken dinner at the Chalfont in Cape May, New Jersey a while back. Colonel Sanders and Popeye's are better. Seriously.