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Oct 11, 2011 12:55 PM

KitchenAid stand mixer - brown ooze

My KitchenAid stand mixer is 9 years and I use it at least 2-3 times a week. This time I used the mixer to beat my egg whites for macarons. As I always do after every single use, I was giving my mixer a quick wipe down while cleaning up. That's when I noticed that my mixer had some brown ooze seeping out from the silver collar above the stem that holds the attachments. Sorry if I'm not accurately describing the parts of the mixer correctly. Here's a photo to show where I saw the ooze. I wiped off most of the ooze but you can still some in the photo.

I have no idea what this ooze is or from where it came. Could it be some kind of motor grease since I had the mixer on for a while? I beat my egg whites on speed 7 for about 5 minutes, but I always do that when beating egg whites for macarons and I have never had ooze come out before. Any clues as to what the ooze is?

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  1. your answer was my first thought. I know when I use mine, especially a lot during a small period of time, it gets warm-ish. grease to lube the parts inside? < I'd say yes. when it gets hot or warm because of useage, I'd imagine the insides that are lubed melt a bit of the industrial grease possibly causing the leakage to steep out.

    but to be sure, use this web page to ask the folks at KA themselves, they are very helpful.

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      I will ask KA about this. The KA site calls that silver collar a "drip ring" so I guess it's doing its job by catching the ooze. Thanks!

    2. Most likely your grease is breaking down to a liquid and escaping out of the gear casing.It is a vegetable base grease so it wont kill you...

      1. Too weird. My 6-7 year old KA stand mixer that I use every couple weeks developed the same problem about 6 months ago. The brown ooze comes out of the seam around the base of the mixer as well. I don't think it's a result of the mixer heating up, because the ooze is also there when I take it out of the cupboard after not using it for a while. I've just dealt with it by being extra careful to wipe everything down before and after use, but I am curious to hear if you get an answer from KA.

        1. Mine did this a few years ago, then stopped oozing after several uses and wipedowns. It was 20+ years old at the time. Still running like new. Looks just like your picture, too :)

          KA used to have an extensive forum where you could look up any problem (because it had all been discussed) or ask a rep. It was, the only word for it, awesome. But they deleted it and moved to Facebook. I believe you can easily ask questions there, but you have to be on Facebook and you can't search old threads. Maddening.

          One thing I remember about this was that tipping the machine could cause oil leakage, and I'm quite sure that was the case with mine because it had gotten moved to a couple different spots in the kitchen in the weeks before it leaked. It was only tipped slightly against my body as I carried it. They mentioned a certain percentage of leakage was fine, you can lose quite a bit of oil before you run into trouble and need servicing. And I don't remember any mention of it being harmful, although if it were dripping into your cake batter it might not be a desirable secret ingredient.

          Do contact them, they are very helpful (if you get a dud of a rep ask for someone else or try again).

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            There is no oil in these machines... Its Grease. That mixer looks like a K5 which is a pain in the butt to access gear housing. Have to knock pin out and remove planetary then remove top motor housing. KA parts dealers sell a pint of the replacment grease.Most KitchenAid customer service reps will not know how or even recommend for you to fix it personally.

          2. I got a reply from KA. "Some stand mixers that have not been used very often or have been tipped may experience slight oil leakage from the shaft or hub attachment. The best way to eliminate the oil is by turning the mixer on Speed 10 for 2 minutes. Then, wipe up any oil from the mixer. Generally the mixer may lose approximately 1/4 cup of oil before repair is necessary."

            I'm still not sure why mine had the leak. I use it all the time and I never tip it, but it's good to know that it can lose up to 1/4 cup. I'm going to keep an eye on it and hope that it doesn't leak again.

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              Thanks for the follow up. It's very possible I tipped mine at some point when I was moving it from closet to counter (I don't have enough counter space to keep it out all the time). I'll try the speed 10 for 2 minutes remedy.

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                I keep mine out all the time - so it hasn't been tipped since its been out of the box
                Now I dont use it all the time - but I do get the ooze - I just wipe it down and deal with it - has not affected performance of unit