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Oct 11, 2011 11:55 AM

Looking for fresh eggs and rabbit and other items in N. Oakland county [DTW]

Just returned from Italy and am anxious to get started recreating some of my favorites. Would like your recommendations where best to find:

1) Fresh Eggs

2) Rabbit

3) Lardo Salumeria

4) Guanciale, Speck, Coppa, etc.. - amazing salumeri!!

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  1. For the first two, Royal Oak Farmer's Market definitely has..interested to know about lardo.

    1. Toasted oak in novi often has lardo

      Peacocks poultry in Troy for eggs

      Ventimiglia in sterling heights for all my Italian meat needs


      1. +1 on Ventimiglia for the Italian meats.

        +1 on RO Farmers Market for eggs... but only on Saturdays. They're open on Fridays, but I haven't seen eggs on Fridays.

        If you don't mind going to Eastern Market, they have the largest selection of farm fresh eggs. Very cheap because there are so many vendors who sell them.

        1. Thank you to all - quick update:

          No luck at Ventimiglias for Speck or Guincale - although thoroughly enjoyed the experience and picked up some nice homemade pastas.

          Was able to pick up delightful fresh eggs Peacock Poultry in Troy - although will be interested in checking out the Farmer's Markets this weekend!

          Rabbit is still fairly elusive but I think maybe Hillers may carry it in their frozen section.

          For the guincale and lardo - thought I had found a connection with Zingermans in Ann Arbor but alas they are out of guincale currently and don't carry the lardo

          I did find a great online source - LaQuerica - who get rave reviews and have everything but the rabbit! Placed an order today - will let you know about the quality!!

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            You could also try Alcamo's Market for the speck, guincale, and lardo. I didn't suggest them at first, since they're outside of North Oakland County. But if Zing's doesn't have the stuff, I'm doubtful Alcamo's would either--call ahead.

            If you're settling for frozen rabbit, Plum Markets and Nino Salvaggio both carry it as well.

            1. re: rachelfizzell

              Not in Oakland County but I saw speck and coppa recently at Vince & Joe's (at the Shelby Township location). I believe they do have rabbit too, but I think frozen only.

            2. Wasn't there a gal in Michael Moore's "Roger and Me" that sold rabbit? It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I guess you could try her. Oh wait, I think she might be up in Flint.

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              1. re: ladybugthepug

                Flint is as close to Oakland County as Ann Arbor is. Especially Northern Oakland County.
                That scene was fairly graphic, wasn't it?

                1. re: Fibber McGee

                  Yes Msr. McGee, I believe it was a rather disturbing sight for the casual movie viewer. As I recall, the aforementioned lass in the film ended up trying her hand at rabbit fur coats. One could certainly be in luck - rabbit meat and Christmas presents!