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Oct 11, 2011 11:51 AM

Tim Horton's (moved from Ontario board)

I do not frequent Tim Horton's on a regular basis like some people I know. We usually only go while on a road trip which has been the case the last couple of weekends. Each time, at different Tim Horton's, the toasted bagels are barely toasted at all. I don't know if they are just too busy to put them through long enough or their toasters are crappy but our bagels were barely warm and the cheese inside still ice cold. am wondering if it's just us and bad timing or is this common at many of the locations?

Either way, it was very disappointing. I mean it's a simple bagel - I was too hungry and in a hurry to take it back but why can't they get it right?

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  1. TH has slipped so far from where it once was. It's at the point of getting "Emperor's new clothes" status.


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      I spent a month in Canada once again this year.
      They've really gone downhill at TH.
      All I ever get anymore is the coffee. At first I thought maybe the bagel issue and the mediocre (at best) sandwich issue were due to the location at the Vancouver airport C concourse, but the TH in the town I stayed at was meh too.