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Oct 11, 2011 08:39 AM

Cape Coral French/Italian Bistro

I have had the opportunity to eat at some excellent restaurants over the years in New York City, Washington D.C/Virginia area, Boston and Italy and I can say that this little Bistro is a hidden gem in the fast food chain heaven Cape Coral, FL. IT IS AUTHENTIC. The owners are a French mother daughter team and their chef is from Rome, Italy. The food is fantastic, affordable and beautifully presented.The ambiance of the Bistro is tres chic as well. I have religiously been going there every week since they opened, which was a few months ago. They are open for breakfast and lunch 8:30-4p.m and they will be open for dinner in November. They have the best espresso, nespresso and sublime desserts not to mention beer and wine. Please check this place out. Too good to miss.
Bistro in Vivo, 4825 Milton Street off of Cape Coral Parkway, beside the Sweetbay.

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