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Oct 11, 2011 08:29 AM

Local source for Ubet's chocolate syrup - NoVA/DC/MD

All -

I want to make a few batches of eggcreams and chocolate milk and want to use the best: Ubet's chocolate syrup. I've searched high and low and have come up empty at the shelves of Giant, Whole Paycheck, and the HT.

Please, please, please let me know if you know where I can source this locally!

My best -

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Not positive, but I would contact Kosher Mart in Rockville, MD and Shalom Market in Wheaton, MD. It's likely that either one or both will have Fox's Ubet Chocolate Syrup.

    1. Maybe you're just looking in the wrong neighborhoods?

      The HT and Giant stores in Rockville/Bethesda/Potomac all carry Ubet's.

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      1. re: DanielK

        i believe the HT in olney also has UBet but if not I know for sure that you can get it at Kosher Mart in Rockville or at Shalom in Wheaton.

        1. re: DanielK

          Thanks. North Arlington but a buddy of mine who knows about such things said the Safeway on Lee Hwy carries it; or did some time ago.

          Cocinero Cubano

          1. re: Cocinero Cubano

            Yeah, the last time I was at the Safeway at Lee/Harrison (about a week ago) I saw Ubet. It was in the Kosher section.

        2. For what it's worth to a civilian, it's always at Restaurant Depot Alexandria.

          Restaurant Depot
          1032 Hampton Park Blvd, Capitol Heights, MD 20743

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            1. re: MikeR

              Of COURSE by the gallon! (Costs about the same as a couple of 16oz bottles) - Once you've agreed that your diet allows chocolate syrup, who can be happy with just 8oz or 16oz?

          1. Chutzpah's in Fairfax has it.

            1. I saw it the other day at the CityVista Safeway. It wasn't with syrups and honeys, though - it was in the ethnic aisle, in the Kosher section, next to Goya products.

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              1. re: katecm

                Someone should write an article about the "ethnic aisles" of grocery stores. Like Goya chickpeas are "ethnic," but other chickpeas are canned vegetables (one Safeway I go to has actually categorized all beans as "ethnic").

                1. re: Doh

                  Seriously. It only makes it that much harder to find things!

                    1. re: chowsearch

                      Seen at the Giant in McLean no more than thirty minutes ago. Shelved in two locations: the kosher section of the ethnic aisle and in the general chocolate flavoring section along with Hershey's syrup.

                      If you have a Giant card, the price is $1 off the regular price.