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Oct 11, 2011 08:06 AM

Really Good Halloween Themed Recipes

I'm attending a Halloween party in a couple of weeks and I'm asked to bring a savory or sweet "Halloween-themed" treat. Any ideas for something delicious and unique? Thanks!

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  1. I dunno, but I'm looking too! I've never made anything for Halloween before.

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    1. re: Kajikit

      This is a creepy possibility if you know how to make caramel from scratch... pecan spiders.

    2. One year I made a bunch of mini meatloaves (3) and mac-n-cheese. I put the mini meatloaves in a 9 x 13 pan and surrounded with mac -n-cheese. covered with chopped basil. made gravestones out of crackers and then placed plastic arms, cockroaches, skeletons etc sticking out of the ground.
      I won first place at the office competition, and it was good too. Wish I still had a picture to post but it got lost in my old cell phone

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      1. re: ROCKLES

        A friend did something similar with a tray of brownies, with a bit more brownie crumbled on top to look more like grave dirt.

        Martha Stewart is always good for inspiration, though you're generally better off coming back here for the actual recipe.

      2. I made a spicy ginger cake similar to this for a Halloween birthday party:

        and it was a hit!

        1. How about this soup from Canal House? Gruyere, broth and bread are cooked in a whole pumpkin. Roasted until the pumpkin is all cooked, then to serve, scoop out the broth and some pumpkin flesh:

          1. I "made" a really cool cheese plate to bring to a Halloween party last year - it was a big hit. You basically use cubes of assorted cheeses, form them into a stick figure shape, and "wrap" the cheese cubes with sliced muenster cheese - it ends up looking incredibly like a mummy - was a lot of fun and really easy. Serve with some salami or pepperoni as desired... You can even add some preserves as blood...