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Le Paddock, Windsor Terrace

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Over the weekend we tried the new place in the old Laura's spot on Prospect Ave, Le Paddock. The review is decidedly mixed, but there is promise if they work out the kinks. As its only been open about a week and a half, I'll cut them some slack for now...

The meal started off promising with an excellent crusty bread--which they bake themselves--a nice touch of salty crunch on the crust. We started out with a charcuterie plate and a nice touch here is that you can select and mix cheeses and meats. The pork rillettes were excellent, as was the saucisson sec, and the cheese (I don't remember which we ordered) was delicious, if a bit small. Served with cornichons and dual mustards, it was a nice plate. We also had a spinach salad with chorizo, potatoes and poached egg--pretty good, although the potatoes weren't crispy (more on that later!) and the dressing a bit too vinegary.

After the starters the meal got a bit more disappointing. Firstly, the entrees were brought out long before we finished our starters...something that really bugs me, but hopefully they will work out the timing issues. They offered to take my lamb burger back to the kitchen but I refused as I feared it would get overdone--unfortunately, it was overdone anyway (I ordered medium-rare and it was more medium-well.) The lamb was tasty but the bun was way too large for the burger...with 1/4 inch border around the whole small burger it made the burger seem miniscule (it actually was plenty to eat, but the presentation made it seem off.) This is a minor point, but the big disappointment were the fries...which to me were inexcusable. Soggy and limp to the point of being inedible, I left most of them--and this is from someone who never leaves a fry, no matter how big a pile! This apparently is a problem they are aware of as when I mentioned it to our waiter...I started to say..The fries...and he finished the sentence...with "too soggy?" So again, hopefully they can get it right soon.

Spouse had a braised chicken dish, over orzo, which he said was fine, but nothing special, and a bit boring by the end. We finished with the salted caramel chocolate mousse which was delicious as a chocolate mousse but neither of us particularly could taste the salted caramel.

Other than the timing issue the service was attentive and friendly.

I really want to like this place as its comfortable, walking distance, and quite reasonably priced--with, btw, a reasonably priced French wine list with most under $30 a bottle. We will give them another chance--I want to try their regular burger--and the pizzas--but they need to get that fryer up to speed!

Le Paddock
1235 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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  1. An update--tried it again last night. Some improvements, some not so much. Had burgers this time as we wanted to give them a try. The burgers were quite good and cooked as we requested (one rare, one medium-rare.) The bun still too big. The fries were improved but still not quite right. There at least were some crispy ones but they quickly turned soggy. Still need work but at least I ate most of them!

    Unfortunately, the previously delicious crusty bread came out cold and without the salt...not nearly as good as the first time. And the wine list has jumped in price--whereas before most were under $30 a bottle, now most were between $30-35 with only two bottles under $30 (this is for reds...I didn't notice the whites.) We did have a very nice bottle of Minervois for $29 but unfortunate to see the prices increase so soon.

    Even with all of this we'll likely go back at some point because, well, its within walking distance, and cozier than Petit Paris. Service was fine this time, no issues at all, and the waitress was very nice. But the food at Petit Paris is better. And for burgers in the hood, there's just no comparison to Double Windsor...just wish someplace could serve a burger that perfect with a nice wine list and quieter atmosphere.

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      have to agree about Le Paddock. nice room, good vibe, average food. agree that Ptit Paris has far better food...really no comparison. wish that Ptit Paris could steal some interior design tips, then you'd really have something

      Le Paddock
      1235 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218