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Oct 11, 2011 04:36 AM

Lunch near Storm King?

I'm heading up to Storm King later this month with a visitor from California. Is there a decent place to have lunch in the vicinity?

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  1. Try Woody's All Natural.
    Not fancy at all, but really good burgers, salads, fries. A cozy, homey type of place. You do have to pick up the food at the counter though. Definitely not for fancy, but really nice casual.

    Woody's All Natural
    30 Quaker Ave, Cornwall, NY 12518

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      That looks ok, and certainly better than a chain restaurant, but it would be nice to find something with a slightly more diverse menu.

    2. Hudson Street Cafe ( in Cornwall is really good. Citrus ( in New Windsor is good, but the ambiance isn't as nice.

      Hudson Street Cafe
      237 Hudson St, Cornwall On Hudson, NY 12520

      1. There is a four month old Italian resto near Storm King that deserves serious attention. It's called the Casa Vicina in New Windsor. For this old guy fleeing Paris during August for lack of friends, company and food, I found the Casa quite good.

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            The link is to my blog's review and is correct.

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              No, I get a page that says "14 day free trial on all accounts" and options to sign up for "plus", "unlimited", etc. That is not very helpful to the rest of us.

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                I get a page asking me to sign in to typepad...

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                        Strange; first time I click I get the "free trial offer". Click again (keeping the free trial offer tab up) I get the blog.

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                          Clearly something is weird about the link!

          2. I've been going to Storm King for years and usually go to Painter's in Cornwall-on-Hudson. It's a wonderful restaurant in a quaint inn. The food has never disappointed. Eat in the back room with the bar; many imported beers on tap. Broad menu with daily specials.