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Oct 11, 2011 01:25 AM

Where shall I take my friends for a great cheap eat in central/east london tonight?

I'm open to any ideas. Give me some suggestions and I'll either shoot them down or entertain them. Meeting around Liverpool St, so anywhere within a reasonable bus journey/walk is fine.

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  1. There is a thai place called Rosa's near Spitafields which is cheap and popular (never been personally), or you could walk up Shoreditch High Street to Kingsland Road and have so-so Vietnamese food (not sure which one is supposed to be the best right now, but it used to be Song Que).

    I would add more but don't want to be shot down!

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      Come on - most people on this board are very polite.

      On Kingsland road I would recommend Mien Tay - lovely little family run Vietnamese that does the best version of cha gio.
      On brick lane i would recommend Shalamar - looks basic but lovely food.
      Tayyabs , Lahore Kebab house and Needoos all have their own following on here and you can search for them , all around whitechapel area.

      Mien Tay
      122 Kingsland Rd, Hackney, England N1 6, GB

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        Next to Shalamar (and owned by the same guys) is Gram Bangla which is the most legitimate Bangladeshi restaurant I've yet found in London. The food is excellent if you like Bangladeshi food.

    2. I would suggest 'Canteen', This year I ate at the Baker Street Branch.
      excellent food and good wine, served with style.
      British cooking at it's best and it wont break the bank.

      There must be a branch near you:

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        I have to reply to this recommendation for canteen.
        There is one behind the Royal Festival Hall and it sucks - rude staff, overpriced and food very average. I don't get why they're a successfull chain - I mean fried egg sunny side up in a ring , are we still in the 70s.

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          I really liked the original one when it opened in Spitalfields a while but their standard has really dropped since they have expanded, I have had a few average meals there over the past couple of years, and wouldn't recommend, not when there so many other cheap, great places to eat.

      2. I think "tonight" was yesterday

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          And all posts missed the deadline. LOL