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Oct 10, 2011 11:13 PM

Filipino catering

I've seen one or two threads on Filipino restaurants in the DFW section years back, so I was hoping that there might still be some people around here with experience dealing with Filipino catering. This is for a pre- or post- wedding dinner.

I found a couple just from internet searches: New Manila ( and from the same people who ran Palayok ( Anyone have any feedback, good or bad?

Also, wouldn't mind info on the following: if you have any idea how to pitch Filipino people to people who've never had it before, or if you have any Filipino friends or relatives who are good cooks and wouldn't mind doing a catering stint...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've had Filipino food from Palayok outside of the restaurant on multiple occasions and I've been pretty happy with it. Quality is consistently good. Just recently, my cousin bought some catered food (pansit palabok, paksiw na lechon, afritada, caldereta) for my nephew's birthday party and was good as usual.

    For people who've never had Filipino food, make it clear to them that at the core, there's really not much that's too strange about it given all the Asian/Spanish influences and flavors that should be familiar. 2 things I'd suggest having are pork skewers and lumpia. Those are usually hits with that crowd. Also you should be aware on your guest's diet style, because many Filipino dishes will have meat.

    Oh yeah, if I were attending a wedding knowing that Filipino food will be catered, I'd expect a whole lechon to be present. Palayok can't do a whole one (they have to cook it in separate portions), so it'd be a good idea to get ahold of New Manila, because I hear that they can do it.

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