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Oct 10, 2011 09:53 PM

Dumpling Empire in south city

Found out about this new joint (open about ~3 months) after giving up waiting at the Tofu House in downtown South San Fran. The place has extensive options for dumplings. I personally think it's better than most dumpling joints in the city.

From the appetizer menu, the kitchen has pretty good idea what they're good at. Pork elbow, marinated beef, cilantro tofu/bean stick, tofu with green onion are all well seasoned. However, I wouldn't describe it as 'orgasmic' since the restaurant is restricted using the average supermarket grade products (e.g. tofu isn't silky, tofu/bean stick lacks the fresh flavor, etc). However, for the price you pay, it's definitely a steal!

Anyway, the place isn't famous for XLB, so for those of who that are looking for a good XLB experience, you're in the wrong place! The owners are from ShanDong province and they're known for their dumpling & noodle. Stick to these and you shall not disappoint :)

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  1. What is the name and location of this place?

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    1. re: Bajarin

      if they are shandong, definitely would try the .noodle and dumpling. noodle might even be hand pulled. at 6ish kind of pricey for dumplings compared to s.f. would skip xlb also.(not a shandong speiclalty, might even be premade).

      haven't been there yet. other site rates it 4 stars

      Dumpling Empire
      216 cypress

      1. re: shanghaikid

        I've been getting >12 dumplings in each order (probably owner's way of luring people back).

        Maybe I can tell the owner to take down their XLB since it's doing so much damage on yelp, lol

        1. re: oohlala

          meant 6.95 is pricey, s,f, is 4.95- 5.95. serving size is 10 or 12 dumplings, i forget.

          the problems with the xlb shows their inexperience with it. if enough people order it, they will eventually get it right. (or maybe they never will).

    2. eaten there twice. lamb dumplings are the standout, but my coworkers were also very impressed with a pork dumpling that is 'soupy' inside (i.e. super juicy, you have to make sure they don't pierce when picking up with a chopstick). great vinegar side dip too. i also thought the vegi dumpings were good, though perhaps not the standout on the menu.

      1. Has anyone tried the QQ noodles or pancakes?

        Dumpling Empire
        216 Cypress
        South San Francisco

        1. I was in the mood for wheat, so I didn't get the QQ noodles-- they are mung bean noodles according to the menu.

          The tong ho with garlic sauce was very good as were the pork and celery boiled dumplings.

          Beef pancake was a pool of oil.

          I liked the sauce for the zha jiang mein--- the right amount of saltiness and plenty of pressed tofu. The fresh noodles themselves were short, overcooked, and not properly drained.