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Oct 10, 2011 07:50 PM

So how did you celebrate the 100th anniversary of Taiwan's Independence?

Or otherwise known as the 100th anniversary οf thе revolution thаt еnԁеԁ imperial rule іn China?


Salted soy milk and Chinese crullers at Huge Tree Pastry
Wine Brew at Dean Sin World
And a big plate of Eel Rice and some Stinky Tofu from Sin Ba La


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  1. Beef with celery dumplings at the new Fortune No. 1 in Monterey Park and no sugar added apple turnovers from Ralphs in Hollywood. Incidentally I was in SF Chinatown on Oct. 1, and as expected there was absolutely nothing going on there.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Did you ever find chicken dumplings to your liking?

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Settling for Costco for now since I'm looking for the large size dumpling frozen in quantity. It's OK.

    2. Hostess Cupcake, 100 candles. You know, the usual.

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        1. This is a fantastic question.

          And I am tempted to name a ton of Taiwanese food. But before we do that

          if we trace the history of the leaders in charge of the historical event:

          Dr Sun Wen/Sun Yat Sen - born in Guangdong Province, Xiangshang or Zhongsan

          Huang Xing - the general who led the military to the 10/10 battle (while Sun Wen was in exile), is from Hunan Province, who also studied abroad in Japan.

          Which means it is only fitting to include and span across the following cuisines

          Guangdong style Cantonese
          Hakka Cantonese (via Sun Wen's family)
          Japanese (also because it is so damn good in Taiwan too and you never need an excuse)
          then finally Taiwanese food

          My guess is if I am in town, I'd hit up Bon Marche Bistro for the Hakka Cantonese, assuming the chef is still doing the good stuff from 2008...

          Celebrating at Huge Tree would just be for breakfast.

          Bon Marche Bistro
          331 W. Garvey Ave, #D, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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            Nursing a cold/sore throat (like I did all weekend), and unable to get to any of these good places mentioned above :(

            A belated Happy 10/10 Day and Centennial all.

          2. I just paused a few moments to remember one of my grandfathers. He helped raise money in US for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. I'm sure my grandfather would have been shocked to see so many Chinese restaurants in the SGV, but he would have been happy because his descendants no longer need to worry about dying from famine.