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Oct 10, 2011 07:38 PM

Vague postings [moved from NY State]

I'm really getting tired of posters who put no specific locations in their postings. It's as if they assume we know where they mean when they say "I need a good restaurant for BBQ," or something like that.. My particular favorite is when someone says they are going to the Adirondacks, where should I eat. Course, the Adirondacks only cover six million acres, so we have to guess what the poster means.

Please, put some sort of geographic hook in your initial posting. It saves the rest of us a lot of time figuring out whether we should respond or not.

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  1. There are stupid questions and I don't respond to them.

    1. I Report messages like this when I see them, and ask the moderators to change the title to something more helpful. They're really great at responding. Much better than griping at OPs who just won't information--they aren't looking to offend you on purpose.

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        Yup. That's what I do, too (in other forums that cover wide areas). If you're familiar with an area, it doesn't hurt to let the moderators know what the most appropriate way would be to note the location, in case it's not obvious. When I'm not sure I've even suggested several choices, such as [Royal Oak MI] or [Suburban Detroit]. The moderators are usually happy to add a location to the title of such topics.