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Oct 10, 2011 07:09 PM

Lunch destination as part of scenic drive

East Coaster headed to Seattle for the first time this weekend. I have made some reservations for meals in the city based on the wonderful advice on this board and am really looking forward to all of them. Sunday dilemma: we'd like to do a scenic drive somewhere outside the city and still be back for dinner (Joule) at 7:30. Half of our foursome are big football fans and want to watch the game somewhere at 1 p.m. (Pacific). Any thoughts on a direction in which we could head, find a nice lunch spot and find a TV for the early afternoon hours? We are willing to leave early and need to be back in Seattle for a 7:30 dinner reservation. Is there a spot within 90-120 minutes driving distance of downtown Seattle that would accommodate foodies and football?

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  1. The Longhorn Saloon in Edison,, has a TV, I believe and serves reasonably good oysters in many different ways. You'd be in the Skagit farmlands. If the weather is good, there might be a view of Mt Baker. Go down by Padilla Bay;you can walk the dikes along the water. There's a great hamburger place in Packwood, Cliff Droppers, near Mt Rainier and I think they have a TV, but the drive might be too long for your schedule. I was going to suggest a ferry ride to Bainbridge, but I'm doubtful there is good food there 'WITH a sports TV.

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      That's a great suggestion - you could even go via Chukanut Drive on the way up.

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        You could add Anacortes/LaConner to your trip up to Skagit County. Lots of restaurants there. There's a pub on the main drag in Anacortes, don't know its name. It's on the left side of the street as you're facing the water. I think it has TV, but not sure. Tons of really interesting sports memorabilia on the walls. I think it might be this place:

        Washington Park outside of Anacortes has great views overlooking the Sound (you have to drive around the little peninsula the park is on to get to a high bluff). Go to the Pacific Northwest board and search for Anacortes or LaConner for restaurants.

      2. A ferry ride to Bremerton (with a car), and then drive back down through Kitsap penninsula to Gig Harbor, and lunch at The Tides Tavern - right on the water, great food, and plenty of TV's with the game. Then back across Tacoma Narrows bridge and back up 5 to Seattle would be nice.

        Tides Tavern
        2925 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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          what about breakfast/brunch at the Salish lodge? It is a pretty drive, scenic location, and then you can get somewhere for football afterward.

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            I was thinking about the Snoqualmie direction as well. I'm pretty sure Snoqualmie Brewery has TVs and stuff. I don't love their beer, but I remember it being a pretty decent spot.

        2. Thank you all so much. These look like fun suggestions. I'll take a look at some maps and talk to my traveling buddies. Anacortes/La Conner looks very doable on our schedule.

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            If you go this way, at least one direction, please take Chukanut drive for part of it.... much better than boring I-5! Have fun, and let us know what you do...

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              Chuckanut is north of Anacortes/La Conner, you won't have a chance to make that choice...

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                Well, they could plan their time to make that choice, depending on how they spend their time, and when they leave Seattle. It just seems like they are kind of planning now on a ride that takes them up north on I5 for a couple hours, which has it's moments - near skagit valley/ Bow/ Camano Island. They could go farther north first, (with a stop for pastries in Mt. Vernon) then come back after Chukanut drive, to some awesome local brew pub in Bellingham, and still get back on time to SEA:)

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                  Thanks gingershelley. We're early risers and will still be on east coast time, so i think this will work for us. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

          2. Anacortes/LaConner/Bellingham - kind of a long drive for lunch & game. Much easier to hop a ferry to Whidbey Island. Best place to watch the game is Toby's in Coupeville. Try some fresh, Penn Cove mussels. If you're interested in an upscale lunch try Gordons in Freeland or Christophers in Coupeville.