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Oct 10, 2011 06:53 PM

ISO unhomogenized pasteurized milk

Anyone know where to buy unhomogenized pasteurized milk? Preferably near Concord, but I understand that some things are hard to come by out here in the epicurean we will travel if need be.

I am not interested in raw milk.


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  1. You can get it at Chip-In Farm in Bedford. It's from Shaw's in Dracut. Gold-capped quart bottles. Delivered on Mondays and Thursdays, IIRC. Good stuff.

    Get it fresh, shake it up, and store it on its side, to avoid the cream plugging up the top.

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      1. re: Karl S

        Or, pour that cream in your coffee, and then have low fat milk!

        1. re: CookieLee

          What a waste! (By this I mean wasting beautiful cream on a strong-flavored beverage like coffee; and also the opportunity to have something closer to real whole milk, which just so delicious - also, I know relatives with lactose intolerance who have a much easier time digesting unhomogenized milk than homogenized milk (btw, even regular skim milk is homogenized)).

          1. re: Karl S

            My goodness, I'm not recommending doing it with every bottle you purchase. I used to live in the UK, where milk was delivered, and it wasn't homogenized. We shook up the milk in the bottles all the time. You get a bottle of Jersey milk, which High Lawn can produce, you'll be eating that cream on the top!

      2. High Lawn Farm in Lenox, whose milk and cream are available at Whole Foods Markets in the Boston area, used to offer a marvelous "green cap" unhomogenized whole milk. They stopped producing it when they got too many returns from retail outlets--customers who had rejected it on the assumption that it was somehow "bad."

        I've been bugging the High Lawn folks every summer when I visit them (it's a lovely place!), asking if they might bring unhomogenized milk back. They can't just make a short run of this stuff, so they'd have to get enough requests from retail outlets to justify producing it in quantity on a regular basis. My belief is that there would be a real market for it at Whole Foods, if people would pester the dairy managers at their local WF stores to ask High Lawn for it.

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        1. re: owades

          Bread and Circus used to carry it (from a NJ dairy, IIRC), but it was one of the items that WF deliberately phased out after a while. Unhomogenized milk is better (again, I will mention that there are a number of folks who find it more digestible, not only more tasty - and it's also got a lot more uses - it's much easier to make all sorts of home dairy products from it - get the book Milk and see what I mean).

        2. Appleton farms in Ipswich now sells grass fed cream top milk.

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            I just got a bottle from Green Meadowin Hamilton and it's really good.

          2. Yes The Appleton Farms milk has a real creamy taste a bit thicker too, more like drinking cream. nothing like what you would buy in a store. Jersey milk is better for you and this is also grass fed.

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            1. re: collie

              I bought unhomogenized pasteurized milk at the Whole Foods in Dedham just a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember the brand, but I think it was from Maine.

            2. The Brand at Whole Foods in the plastic bottles is from New York called skytop farms , there is not much info about them around . Tried there heavy cream before it was very grassy/metalic like tasting. The best creamtop milk i have tried has been at Appleton farms.