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Oct 10, 2011 06:37 PM

Norcross - special dinner

Will be in Norcross for a part business/part getaway wknd. Any rec's on nicer restaurants w/ good atmosphere that are fairly close by?

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  1. Fairly close by depends on the traffic. Also, do you have a cuisine in mind? Here's a nicer place that is near by:

    Pampas Steakhouse

    Pampas Steakhouse
    10970 State Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022

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    1. re: larkemon

      thanks...hubs would love a steak house...sushi...he's not big on Indian or Thai...but open to other cuisines

      1. re: larkemon

        thanks for the recommendation..we had a FANTASTIC dinner at Pampas - hubs raved over his steak and I enjoyed my beef carpaccio and ceviche...

      2. if you want something alittle more casual,and less expensive Downtown Norcross has several decent spots, 2 Italian and the Depot whoch is a restored train depot--maybe lunch.Ive been to pampas, its very good,but alittle high for what you get in my mind anyway.Last time I was there it was 150 for 2 people including wine

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        1. re: bobstripower

          bob - we tried the depot/station for dinner and I have to tell you that it was so mediocre....the service was fine but the vegetables(turnip greens) were so incredibly oversalted that I had to send them back and the other food was just ok. It seems like a good place for a casual family meal but not for a nice meal and certainly not for atmosphere!

          1. re: leahinsc

            sorry for the bad rec---i meant to say it was a very casual family place--its not meant to be a special place at all--sorry--its not in the same league as Pampas, thats why i said maybe lunch,not dinner