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Oct 10, 2011 06:35 PM

Mexican adobo sauce with chipotle peppers, canned

How is canned Mexican adobo sauce (not Philipino) with chipotle peppers applied in cooking?
Is it used as a spice to sauces, on the side like peas or potatoes or as a sauce such as you'd use Hollandaise sauce? Is it a marinade?
I can find online plenty of recipes how to make adobo sauce but none that describe when to use adobo sauce as an ingredient in cooking.

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  1. I use the peppers and sauce to make a spicy vinegarette, I add the peppers and sauce to chili, eggs, any where I really want to add a bit of a kick.

    1. Chipotles in adobo are used just like regular old chipotles (dried ones); the adobo is just there as a liquid to hold the chiles. It is a convenience approach, really. The adobo is limited in volume and adds very little to the flavour.

      I prefer using dried chipotles myself, mainly because there is no waste involved. You only use as much as you need.

      The chiles are used as a flavouring, not as a sauce in and of themselves--they are pretty spicy and flavourful--would overpower just about everything.

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        thanks to you both, in the future I think I'll use dried chilpotle chiles and keep them on hand instead of these hydrated ones...

      2. I blend the contents of a whole can and keep it in a container in the frige so I can add a spoonful or so whenever I want both spicy and smoky. I use dried chipotles differently than I use this blend. I don't find them interchangable but I find them both essential.

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          I blend a couple of cans with a block of guava paste. The sweetness cuts the heat just a little and is hardly noticed. This paste works well in a lot of dishes. Every thing from soups and stews to a tuna sandwich.

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              Interesting...I once blended canned chipotles with part of a slab of mango pulp, and it still had too much heat.

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                Yes it's still hot but seems to cut it just a tad. Enough where I can lick the spoon and not get my head blown off. It keeps in the fridge for a long time. I use it often.

                My dad spend some of his youth in Mexico City so I was introduced to chipotles as a kid. Always had a shaker of Buffalo brand chipotle sauce in the fridge and my mom would make pickled ones from dried moritas that were brought back from Mex DF. Now I can find moiritas at the local Mexican markets which we have several. We pickle them but not as tart as when doing jalapenos or as salty. Put them up with sliced carrots and onions. So not in an adobo since the sauce is thinner. They are really good.

          1. I use them whenever a recipe calls for them (soups, marinades, sauces). I put the rest of the can in a small tupperware and keep it in the freezer.

            1. This chicken and potato stew from epicurious ( ) is quite amazing. I've always used the chipotles in adobo as called for, but I imagine it would be great with the dried chilis as well.