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Oct 10, 2011 04:30 PM

Replacing eggs in baking

As fall rolls around, I start to get the itch to bake again. I am not a vegan, but I am looking for a replacement for eggs in baking. I don't eat a lot of eggs because I am allergic in large doses, and my boyfriend only keeps egg whites in the carton around for his egg-y needs. We don't have the biggest fridge in the world, so buying eggs usually means they go to waste.

Because I like to bake on a whim, I was wondering if anyone has tips for easy egg replacements. I've read that egg whites do NOT suffice in most recipes, and I am looking to avoid buying a big box of something like that EnerG egg replacement because I'd really only use it occasionally.

I made a vegan pumpkin bar recipe last week that called for "egg replacement of your choice." I chose, per many websites' suggestions, 1/4 of a cup applesauce......and the recipe was a miserable failure. Did not set up. I had soupy pumpkin gunk. I am attributing it to the applesauce. Perhaps I did it wrong? I'm frustrated as this was my worst baking failure in history--I didn't even get it to edible stage!!

Any tips from savvy vegan or lazy bakers like myself who don't want to run to the market for eggs alone??

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    1. I have often used a couple of tablespoons of applesauce as a substitute for eggs in baked goods.
      In my case it is generally due to running out of eggs, rather than philosophical or medical causes.

      It has always worked very well in standard recipes.

      Perhaps you could try again with a recipe you know and trust?