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Oct 10, 2011 03:53 PM

Broadway Restaurant, Laguna Beach - any visits.

Have any CH's tried the new Broadway Restaurant in Laguna? I think the chef is from Charlie Palmer's. Love to hear a report about this new spot.

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  1. Going this week will report back

    1. Ok, well I went twice just because I have friends that wanted to try it. Well I think this place has potential but I was disappointed. The decor is beautiful. It is very open but warm. The hostess staff is very friendly and helpful. The bartenders were from Charlie Palmer's restaurant so they were all top notch. The servers on the other hand need some help. It took forever for us to place our order both nights. The first night, we had our cocktails from the bar, the second night, he brought one and forgot the other. The first night the entres came out before we were finished with the salad and the bus boy wanted to remove the salad before my friend was done. Not cool. Now for the food.
      One night I was with a group and we ordered a lot of small plates, the other night I had a regular meal. Here's the breakdown.

      The pork belly was divine. The lamb belly appetizer was liked by my friends. The beet salad was beautiful and tasty. The flatbread came cold and wasn't anything to write home about. The scallops were ok. The chicken entre was enjoyed by my friend , I didn't taste it.
      I got the mussles. It came cold, and had a strange taste. Couldn't, wouldn't eat it. So it was hit or miss. The general feeling was that this place has great potential. I would love to hear what others have to say. Since this is local restaurant for me, I would love to see it succeed, so I will go back in a month and see what improvements they make. BTW the cocktails off the menu where amazing.

      1. Went to the Broadway Restaurant in Laguna Beach last night with my wife and 2 quests. The salmon was had by the 2 ladies, and they loved it. I had the Pork chop, which I enjoyed. The food overall was very well prepared and the wait staff was very attentive. I will be back.

        1. Hubby and I went on Saturday night. Was very very good (especially compared to San Diego resturants in our hometown). We started with the octopus app (was very good grilled - enjoyed the hummus better than the red pepper pairing) and the brussel sprouts side (which is the best dish of the night - do not miss! Is pretty big though for a side). Hubby had the petit filet which was perfectly done and I had the moroccan lamb. It was very good but having got the lamb at Tabu the night before (which was divine), we were a bit spoiled and nonplus. The cocktails were also very good. We were positively stuffed and had no room for dessert. The staff was really wonderful considering the very loud and crowded atmosphere. No place for someone with a hearing problem.

          1. The chef, the bar manager and the front-of-house manager are all from Charlie Palmer's. Whatever you do, give yourself enough time to have a cocktail or two.