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Oct 10, 2011 02:36 PM

Southern produce trucks in far eastern Queens, border of Nassau County?

Does anyone know anything about trucks loaded with veggie and fruit from the South, which sell directly to customers from the roadside in the area of Cambria Heights, Valley Stream, Jamaica?

Apparently, they're a good source of hard-to-find veggies and even some specialty smoked meats (ham, bacon, sausage, etc.) that are used in Southern cooking (like raw peanuts).

Would love to check it out, if anyone knows where/when to find these trucks. Thanks!

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  1. Closer in, I've seen one such truck parked opposite the Carolina Country Store on Atlantic Ave. I also recall seeing a couple of trucks/stands on Linden Blvd., between the Van Wyck and Guy Brewer Blvd., and on the side roads immediately north. In Manhattan, you'll often find a couple of trucks on the uptown side of Lenox Ave., some ways above 125th.

    Carolina Country Store
    2001 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233

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      I also see them on atlantic, opposite the carolina country store. In summer, they usually have watermelon, and many years ago I bought some country ham from one of them. That one used to also have good okra and fresh black-eyed peas, etc. But haven't stopped there in a while. Not sure what they have now.

      1. re: missmasala

        There is a truck stand on Hempstead Ave after Belmont Track before Jamaica Ave -
        Always seen mango- papaya - sugar cane ........ Never stopped to buy but your question reminded me of it

    2. Thanks, everyone! I will investigate and report back.

      1. In answer to my own question -- a bit more info re: trucks selling southern produce/goods gleaned from a friend who lives in Valley Stream:

        1) behind the Sunrise Movie Theater is a flea market on Sats and Suns: the trucks sell there every weekend

        2) in a parking lot near the Belmont Race Track: there are way more trucks at this location, but they aren't there every weekend (I think this is what caterman was referring to)