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Oct 10, 2011 01:23 PM

Aviary Timeline

i'm planning an evening in the city and am trying to get an impression of how much time should be budgeted for the aviary (assuming we can get a reservation). if we can get in at 6pm, would 8pm be reasonable for a dinner reservation? haven't been able to find any info on the amount of time the average patron spends there. i'd appreciate any insight i can get here. thanks!

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  1. I'll be eagerly watching this thread, as we're hoping to hit Aviary on 10/28.

    Was not aware that reservations existed.

    Marco, please report out and I'll do the same.

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    1. re: Monch

      i'm just going by their website. it seems you can email them regarding your desired time (6, 8, or 10), and they call you at 4 that day to let you know if you can go.

      i figured i'd give it a shot, and if i don't get the call then i'll go somewhere else. i'd rather not stand in line all evening.

      1. re: marco765

        That is what I did...e-mail and then wait. It took about 10 tries before I got lucky with a 6pm reservation. I'd budget about 90 minutes. If you can drive or cab it to your dinner destination within 30 minutes, you should be good.

        1. re: marco765

          Their facebook page is another great resource for reservations. Good luck!

      2. I'd budget 90 minutes. It's the kind of place you want to relax and focus on your cocktails. My group spent a lot of time sampling and discussing each other's drinks.

        For what it's worth, my wife and I were able to walk-in without a reservation after our dinner at Next. We waited about ten min. I was surprised we got in so easily, but my server noted we showed up at the best time - during peak dinner hours (everyone is eating, not drinking!). So if you don't get a reservation just plan an early or late dinner you can just show up and see what happens! Obviously YMMV.

        1. Yes, that's definitely a reasonable amount of time. They will also slow down the prix fixe progression if you're drinking slowly. We've been there right at 6pm and seen a lot of tables turn over by 8pm. I think Nick has posted to their Facebook that 8pm is actually the easiest time to get a table there.

          Each time I have requested reservations (same day, email only) I've gotten them, but I've only tried mid-week. Not on a Friday or Saturday. They email you and you must respond ASAP.

          If you strike out, or forget, just show up at 5:45 or so. We've also done that a few times but always mid-week. We've never waited more than 15 minutes, by showing up right at opening.

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          1. re: kathryn

            For a Saturday evening visit: We emailed the reservation request, but did not receive a reply.

            We decided to roll the dice and just show up at 5:45. We were the third walk-in on the list. Were pleasantly suprised to have our name called at about 6:25.

            A wonderful experience..just wish we could have spent more time

            An eclectic day-trip to Chicago from Madison, Wisconsin: Hot Doug's/Michigan Ave/Billy Goat for a beer/pizza at Pequod's/night cap at Aviary.

            Thank you, Chicago, for being a world class city.