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Leg of Lamb?

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  • az25 Oct 10, 2011 01:12 PM
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Does anyone know a good, relatively inexpensive supplier of leg of lamb? What do you typically expect to pay for whole leg vs semi boneless?

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  1. The mecca for lamb in the downtown area is Nea Agora on Taylor near Carpenter. They do lamb, and lots of it.

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      You could also consider Butcher & Larder. I don't consider B&L to be inexpensive, though -- you get an amazing product, but you pay for it. It would still be worth a phone call, if nothing else. FWIW, they charge for what you take home -- rather than charging you and them trimming off excess fat/de-boning/etc. as I know other places might.

      1026 North Milwaukee Ave.

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        I second Nea Agora

      2. There is always Costco.......

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          I saw boneless leg of lamb today in my nearby Sam's Club.

        2. Go to the groceries on Devon, but buy in the morning when the deliveries are fresh. If you buy in the afternoon or evening, the lamb has been hanging around all day.