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Oct 10, 2011 01:11 PM

Help! Affordable Thanksgiving catering for small family group.

Hi - I am bringing my family to Miami (Kendall) to spend Thanksgiving with my 93 year old grandfather. He lives alone & can't do any shopping or cooking and we will not be arriving until noon on Thanksgiving day. I am trying to find someplace affordable who can deliver a traditional Thanksgiving meal to his house on that day. It's for 3 adults and 2 children, doesn't have to be anything fancy, just your traditional turkey, stuffing, bread, green beans, pumpkin pie, etc....

I have a quote from Mr Chef's for $150, trying to find something maybe a little cheaper if I can. Appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. So really, no one can help me out with a suggestion?

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      I live N of Miami so can't help but you might be able to find a deli or a restaurant locally who are making a T-giving lunch where you can go and collect it for less than $150

      try this, never been but I googled it for you

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        I highly recommend Joanna's marketplace. They deliver and are in the Kendall area. Here's a link to their website.

    2. I have ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Roasters and Toasters which is in East Kendall and it is always very good.

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        You can't go wrong with either Joanna's or Roaster and Toasters.

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          1. Publix will cater your Thanksgiving starting at $39.95. Only thing is you might have to arrange for someone to pick it up - I don't think they deliver.