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Oct 10, 2011 10:50 AM

Pumpkins for Roasting? (Calgaryj)

Hi everyone! I just have a quick question. Does anyone know where in Calgary I can get a pumpkin meant for roasting? I have a recipe for pumpkin soup that says to roast it in a hollowed out pumpkin, but it specifically says you have to get the right breed for it. Apparently, if you use a regular jack-a-lantern pumpkin the sides will cave in. I'm guessing one of the farmer's markets might have something like that but I thought I would check to see if anyone here knew. Thanks!

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  1. What you want to look for is a winter squash like hubbard or some of the Japanese varieties like Kabocha or Kuri.I'm not sure what's available in your area, but a farmers market would be a good bet. Another variety called Jarrhadale would be ideal, but I'm not sure how likely you are to find it.

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      The Japanese variety (green and short) are 0.99/LB at T&T (the Country Hills location). I was just there yesterday and saw quite a few. I would suggest you get those to do your pumpkin soup, they're full of flavour and will definitely last during roasting since they quite hard- even cut up.

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        Thank you! I remember she mentioned a Japanese breed as one of the possibilities, although the picture in the magazine showed an orange pumpkin... but then, she also listed a French breed and an American one as possibilities. I'll try that!

      2. My Co-op on Richmond road has what are called "cooking pumpkins'. I think they would work well for your recipe. But be warned that there was not many left when I last looked.

        1. I'm pretty sure the Broxburn booth at the Kingsland Farmers Market has pumpkins. If not, they do sell kabocha squash, which will provide the same bowl (it's just a little shorter than a pumpkin)

          1. I believe what you're looking for is a Sugar Pumpkin. Emeril Lagasse recommends this type of pumpkin for cooking/roasting as they are far more flavourful than the "jack-o-lantern" variety, and are readily available. I've purchased them several times and have a few spares in the basement! You can get them at local farmers markets, as well as the Cherry Pit at CFM. They are sometimes called Baking or Cooking Pumpkins, they are orange, round, just generally smaller than one you would use at Halloween. They are $0.99/lb at the Cherry Pit ($3/ea). Good luck!

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              I have done a hamburger goolash recipe cooked in a regular pumpkin, for hallowean since my kids were in ele. school, they never caved in, it was a great meal to have once a yr.