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Oct 10, 2011 08:43 AM

Bought, Borrowed, Stolen

Anyone else check this out yet? By Allegra McEvedy, a collection of recipes, local color/facts/anecdotes about her travels, and the knives she's picked up along the way. I didn't find the recipes terribly compelling, but the knife stories and photos kept me turning pages. If you like knives, (who doesn't, duh) you'll like this book

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  1. Is bought, borrowed, stolen the title of the book?

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    1. YES! Title is Bought, Borrowed Stolen written by Allegra McEvedy. Fantastic book. Got it as a gift AND I also love my Wildfire Cutlery knives ( although I loved making her Pumpkin Ginger Donuts - they're to Die for. If your curious, you can see a pdf on Wildfire's web sites main page.
      I think this is the PDF address ( 5 MB but worth the download )
      My set photo attached- I highly recommend his work.

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        how do the short 2.5" wide blades feel and function? Is that a 1.5" wide just above? Do they sharpen well?

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          I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I do not as a rule check this site every day.
          I am not sure exactly what your asking, but I will try to reply.
          2nd from top is 2" wide, made to order for me. It is 10" long.
          3rd and fourth down is 2.5 wide. Width is great, as I use the width to scoop with. it is not too wide. The blades are thin , light and easy to use.
          He made me my 2", even though he does not offer it as a stock item. My husband did all the leg work, this was a gift. But I was told he was easy and reasonable to work with and he simply made the order as to request. The wood is stabile or something, very beautiful and will not shrink if gotten wet. They sharpen up easily, but you do need to know how to put an edge on. I use a butchers steel . I am a beginner sharpener, and can easily get them way sharp to prepare 2-3 fulls meals. I wipe them off after using, and they are slowly taking on a patina. He sent care instructions with them and I can honestly recommend them as I personally am quite happy with them. Hope this helps. Best to contact him with any questions, as this is all I know.