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Oct 10, 2011 08:40 AM

Francis Francis x5 - Anyone know where to get one?

I love my Francis Francis X5 which has finally died after 5 years of 6x daily use minimum. I don't like any of the new models, particularly the ones with pods. Any ideas where I might find one? (Livid they stopped making it!) Or something similar?

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  1. Hi,
    I bought a refurbished espresso machine at It came with a limited warranty. The company offers great discounts & great service. Mine has worked for several years with no issues.

    1. Keep an eye out at TJMaxx & Marshall's. Last Xmas they were carrying some FF! closeouts. The price was about 2/3 of normal retail.

      1. It seems like you can use either pods or ground with the x7

        1. There is a refurbished X1 here -

          eBay and CL are potential sources of used ones.

          You might want to do a little research on machines in that price range / capability at a site like coffeegeek. Beware, parts can be a problem with older discontinued machines.

          1. FWIW, I just purchased a gently used one on ebay, so that's always an option. May I ask what size tamper you were using? It seems like the basket is a 56mm but some posters on various forums note that they use a 57mm tamper. Which do you use? Thanks.

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              I don't know the size, sorry! I just used the one that came with the machine... which I have thrown away now. That is excellent you found one! I looked when mine broke but there were none up. I hope you enjoy it. I loved mine.