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Oct 10, 2011 08:23 AM

Le Cinq Revisited

l have been fortunate to have eaten at Le Cinq, always for lunch, 6 times over the last few years. It was revisited today, yes it has been talked about many times on this board but this meal required another mention. Two of us following the Giacometti exhibit at Place Madelaine, went to Le Cinq today. we were greeted warmly and put at a roomy table behind the amazing flowers that populate the hotel. Our amuse consisted of a salmon fume with parsley and a ravioli with girolles. Next came two bread services, a soft bread served with olive oil, ok and three breads with both doux and algues Bordier butters. l felt the mini baguette was super. Our second course was a creme of cauliflower soup with large chunks of octopus. It got a high five from the two of us. Next was a large roasted hunk of foie gras with fig and pear in vinegar for him and razor clams with butter and baby spinach for me. There are many reasons this restaurant is so good, the food, the service designed to make you happy, regardless of what that entails, the superior and fairly priced wine list, but mainly their joy in serving and smiling. Course number four was another soup of mushrooms, dense and flavorful with tiny pockets of mushrooms as well. When we saw on the menu for the bargain lunch the choices of salmon and beef ( stew ) l asked if a small portion of the a la carte lamb shoulder l had in the Spring was available. The negotiation was successful and we were served the shoulder in two courses with a small soup of vegetables as a side for the first and a compote of ginger, quince, and pear for the second. After they saw us raving about the cauliflower soup, course seven was another portion of the soup and it was equally wonderful. Course number eight was the cheese course which was comped, do not know why, but thank them regardless. From Quatrehomme, had a great Comte plus Beaufort, Salers, St Nectaire, and a St Maure. Course nine was a pre-dessert of yogurt ice cream with cucumber and olive tapenade, surprisingly it worked very well. My guest had dessert for course number ten of a sponge baba with strawberries many ways, lite and yummy. Course eleven were the mignardaises of which we ate too many including a chocolate bark with burnt nuts that was so good and a house made nougat moist and nutty. We drank carafe d'eau and two different bottles of Ravaneau Chablis one premier grand cru and one grand cru. My friend had not been there before and was dazzled at how good it was and how accommodating the staff were to us. Total bill with a 5% tip was 420 euros for the two of us and very well worth it. Again for me this place cannot do wrong, sometimes over the top as today, sometimes just wonderful, it is a must on every trip to Paris.

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  1. What do you mean 5% tip ? Haven't you read the threads ?!...

    Just kidding, great review, thanks for sharing it !

    1. Hahaha, Rio Yeti, yup, behind their smiles, the Le Cinq waiters are choking with humiliation about that tip.
      Just kidding.
      DCM, your report is the definition of porn. Gives us so much pleasure reading it instead of being there.

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      1. re: Parigi

        Thanks for the report DCM. My reservations for Le Cinq are in less than 3 weeks. After reading your report I wish it were tomorrow

        1. re: tatuaje68

          This review makes it hard to choose a different place for our Michelin splurge. I always want to go back to Le Cinq (and have twice returned!) It continues to seem to me that the lunch at Le Cinq is the best over all value of all the top level places for the whole package. Thanks so much for sharing DCM!

      2. Thanks for the report...

        but a small note, please, split your test into smaller paragraphs!!!

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        1. re: Maximilien

          My eating is better than my review construction, will do in the future.

          1. Wow - your reviews are getting good. Now we just have to get you a camera - or you could bring me along to photodocument and write even more long-windedly.


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            1. re: uhockey

              You are always welcome, and that is the only way anyone will get a picture.

              1. re: uhockey

                We don't "have to". DCM always values the experiencing over the visual freezing. I think that 's great. After all, in photography, good food looks good, bad food looks good too. Photos are more a self-reminder and do not serve much informative purpose for others.

              2. Great review and one that is making me quite hungry. Sounds like an absolute bargain given you had a 1er and Grand Cru Raveneau as well.

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                1. re: jeremyholmes

                  Valmur 2004/ 140 euros; Butteaux 2005/ 90 euros.

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      It just makes me happy to read about dining at Le Cinq. It was our most memorable experiences. One of those moments you know you'll always remember.