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Oct 10, 2011 08:11 AM

Akimenko Meats on Cambridge St?

Anyone heard whether Akimenko is going to open a butcher shop on Cambridge St near Inman? There were rumors of this at last year's Smoke This Rib Fest, but I haven't heard much since.

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  1. the website has been up for a year or more with no activity. hard to figure out.

    1. He's said some vague things about the project being "on hold" and has stopped responding to emails or Twitter messages. Since I donated towards his fundraiser, I'm a little upset that he's apparently just taken the money.

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      1. re: Boston_Otter

        I've seen him waiting tables at Bergamot, could always go there and ask him :)

        I kid, I kid.

        1. re: jgg13

          I think it's safe to say the project is dead, at least in the incarnation intended for Cambridge Street. The storefront had logoed butcher paper on the windows for about five months, but it has been gone for at least three or four months. Definitely no activity within, if ever there was any to begin with.

          1. re: hckybg

            Oh I'm sure it is. I just feel for people such as Boston_Otter who helped fund the kickstarter not only to see nothing to come out of it with zero explanation. Basically he took the money and ran.

            1. re: jgg13

              Certainly seems that way...something like "I still hope to open, thanks so much for your patience" would have gone a long way.

        2. re: Boston_Otter

          Same here. I have coupons for butchering classes which... apparently will never be offered. Not really the point of Kickstarter, I know. Just because I only invested a small amount doesn't mean I'm not exposed to the risks of investment. Mostly I'm peeved because I think it was a good idea and I would've liked to shop there.

          1. re: bobot

            I know people who also invested in his "meat shares" -- he was offering a deal where you could invest X amount of money and when he opened his store he would give you that amount of your investment back in meat.

            Seems Mr Akimenko brought in quite a lot of money to fund something he never actually did.

            And yes, I was very excited about the idea of having a local nose-to-tail butcher specializing in local farms.

            1. re: Boston_Otter

              I paid into the Community Shares meat program. As I posted here previously, he promptly and graciously refunded the money upon request when the project was put on hold.

        3. this sucks, as i think the concept timing is here, now. i think a bunch of people put up money and never got an explanation.
          an in town, place where you can get local, ethically raised and correctly slaughtered meat would end up with a lot of my money.

          1. Akimenko lives? Looks like he'll be doing an event on Jan 22:

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            1. re: emannths

              oh wow. this is good news. I didn't see an address on the web site, though...

              1. re: Madrid

                No address, but now all the people who contributed to kickstarter know where and when to show up with their leg breakers. ;)

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Well only about 25 investors if they all decide to bring their own leg breakers. It's limited to 50 people.

              2. re: emannths

                Soo... did it happen? Did anyone go? Does this mean it might actually open some day?

                1. re: zebedee

                  I'd like to think that he's doing these things to generate money in order to open but as time goes on it increasingly looks like he took the money and ran. If he would explain the situation, that'd make things a lot better.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    He actually sent out an update today explaining things a little bit, more or less:

                    "First off, I would like to apologize for not giving y'all any updates in such a long time. I am still trying to get the butcher shop open. It has just been very hard to get funding for any start-up at this time, let alone a food start-up.

                    I have started a new project, with my friends at The Bearded Pig. It is a monthly pop-up market featuring local food vendors. The first of these monthly pop-ups is Sunday, March 25th from 11 to 3. Please come by say hello, chat me up for a little and check out the other vendors. This is a private event, but registration is free."

                    I'm not quite sure why he's saying that it's "hard to get startup funding" when he quickly made $16K on Kickstarter and exceeded his goal, but I understand that it's more than tough to get a business off the ground. A little more communication would be awesome.

              3. In case people still want to send the leg breakers out .....