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Oct 10, 2011 05:08 AM

Addison solo dining

I'll be in town for work, staying in Addison, and would love some recommendations for solo dining. I usually prefer to eat at the bar when I am on my own, any spots that have good eats and a comfy bar?

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  1. If you are in the mood for lowly and basic, but great, thin crust pizza, Carmine's Pizzeria on Spring Valley. No bar, call to verify if byob/w.

    Carmine's Pizzeria
    5365 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      Thanks - but I'm on an expense account so I'd like to avoid lowly and basic! Ha ha. It will be my first trip to Dallas so I'd love some recs that highlight the best of what's local. I'm also willing to drive, say 20 mins or so too.

      1. re: Angel Food

        Expense account dining... Chamberlains Steak house on Beltine is very nice $$$. Snookies on Keller Springs is a bar that has some pretty good dine-in food - very good chicken fried steak. Nate's Seafood on Midway is very popular Cajun cookin' and seafood (also has bar). Uncle Julio's is decent Tex Mex (also on Keller Springs) (it's a chain, but very decent). The Blue Goose on Midway is TexMex, too, but a little different (more homey). Mr. Sushi on Beltline is your best bet for authentic Japanese and Sushi (rumor has it that it's Chuck Norris's favorite sushi haunt).

    2. Assuming no traffic, 20 minutes drive will get you into Dallas. Would be a better idea to leave the Addison area considering the quality of restaurants will go up significantly and you're on an expense account.

      However, you're still pretty vague on what you're looking for as far as food goes, ie: name some specific styles of food or where you are coming from. Based on your post, the only thing I thought of would be something like Neighborhood Services Tavern. Never been to Nosh, but have read good things about sitting at the bar there (there are other past threads on solo dining in Dallas in general).

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      1. re: air

        Thanks - thoroughly enjoyed NST tonight! I'm from Boston, I was totally sold on the shrimp and grits - a favorite of mine, but hard to find in my fair city! Would live to hear any similar recs. I'm into anything that is local - not so much pizza or Asian.

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          Ps - had read through a bunch of prior posts, but was looking to see if anything was worth trying in Addison specifically. Thanks!

        2. There's a Houston's (owned and operated by Hillstone) at 5318 Beltline road in Addison (just east of the tollway). Great food and bar and very easy for a single diner to feel comfortable eating fabulous, premium quality food.
 (corporate website. Look for link to Houston's in Texas on Beltline).
          Otherwise, Google "Houston's Addison" and check out all the "Yelp" and other links.

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          1. re: twinwillow

            Ah, somehow I never realized there was a bar. Have felt uncomfortable dining alone at a table there before ...

            Their crab cakes are excellent.

            At Kenny's Woodfired Grill, the open face steak sandwich is great (I get it with smoked gouda instead of Brie), as is the grilled asparagus and adult mac and cheese. (There you have my standard order.)

          2. Kenny's Woodfire Grill would be my suggestion if you want to stay in Addison. It is on Beltline and The Tollway. You can generally get a good spot at the bar to watch the people, which generally provides more than enough entertainment and the food and drinks are great. You can do anything from a burger, to fish, the steak. Their pork chop is good too.

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              1. re: vstock

                Thanks, I tried Kenny's on my last night there, was a good suggestion for staying local and yes the people watching was fun. I had a great salad (greek with grilled chicken, my tummy needed a break that night) and was very excited about the popovers they have, that was a real treat!