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Chorizo recipes?

I just picked up a package of Jack's Gourmet Mexican-style Chorizo, but don't really know what to do with it, or how it is typically eaten. Any suggestions, especially for any good ways to use it for the upcoming yom tov?

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  1. Mexican style chorizo is looser and more sausage-like than Jack's, which is more of a hot dog with chorizo spices (Spanish chorizo is closer in texture). The soy chorizos are more Mexican-like (and work great in omelets). I say when in doubt, toss it into cholent (or add to a black bean soup).

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      I'll second the cholent suggestion for when you're looking to spice up the cholent a little.

    2. I grilled them and eaten like a hot dog. I have also chopped them up and had them with eggs or sauteed them with ground beef for tacos -

      1. Just Google chorizo recipes and see what comes up - although many will also include dairy. If you're entirely unfamiliar with chorizo recipes you might consider going to the website of a Mexican food company and checking out their recipes for ideas. Off the top of my head, though, chorizo and eggs and chorizo and potatoes are good choices.

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          If you want to do milchig chorizo recipes I highly recommend Upton Naturals Chorizo Style Seitan -http://www.uptonsnaturals.com/products/

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            These sounded interesting for another time, but their website indicates it is not sold in NY. Right now, however, the Jack's are in my freezer waiting to be used.

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              When they get to NY I highly recommend them - I have used the Italian Sausage Style Seitan for some baked italian pasta dishes that was excellent

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                I actually don't like cheese, so I might use them just to cut back on actual meat (and the fat that goes along with it), but not to do milchig recipes with them. I'll keep a lookout for them.

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            It's really a stretch calling this "chorizo" and using it in traditional recipes is probably not going to turn out great. The Neshama sausages are more sausage-like texturally (they have a good andouille, but no chorizo). The Jack's are very emulsified and do look like hot dogs. Not a bad thing but more of a "chorizo-seasoned" item than real chorizo.

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              I am just suggesting that this product is an excellent substitute for dairy recipes in that it is much closer in taste texture to chorizo than using Jack's Chorizo and pareve cheese for a recipes that is combining meat and dairy -

          3. They also make a nice kick of spice in split pea soup. Slice into rounds, saute and add in the last 15 or so minutes of cooking.

            1. Thanks to all who replied. I now have some ideas, which I hope to try over time. The potato-chorizo tacos sound promising, and I'm really looking forward to later in the winter when I do split pea soup more regularly, to add the chorizo to it.

              I also found the following recipe, which I am leaning toward trying; it seems like something that would be easy to leave on the stove, if I decide to serve it on shabbos or just warm up from the fridge after shul on yom tov itself.

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                We tried the chorizo tacos last night and they came out pretty darn good. Nice recipe to have in the arsenal.


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                  I got a packet of Chorizo from Jeff's in LA. I did one one on the grill and it was great, but probably too spicy for most.
                  Plan to attempt the Texas Cholent recipe this Shabbat that Ari White of GotCholent has and throw one of them into that.

              2. i used it for a jewified version of this


                i cut out the fish and shrimp and subbed in-wait for it- giblets

                it was RIDICULOUSly good

                keep the long grain brown rice if youre gonna try it, dont switch to white, i generally dotn love brown, but it really worked in this recipe

                i also left out the tomato paste, but that was by accident, not by design