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Oct 9, 2011 11:14 PM

Need budget recommendations within 15 minutes drive of Sophia Antipolis

Woo-hoo! Unexpectedly, I am blessed with a rental car for my three-day stay in Sophia Antipolis. Yesterday (limited to bus and taxi), I spent the day in Antibes and had pleasant if unremarkable crepes at Cafe le Clemenceau and La Croustille. Problem is, we are subject to our client's travel policy, which limits meals to $70/day, or about 45 EUR. The client will be supplying breakfast and lunch today and tomorrow, so I am looking for suggestions of great food, reasonably priced, within a 15-20 minute drive of Sophia Antipolis. Another site I visited suggested that Le Ber-sur-Loup and Gourdon were particularly scenic towns with good restaurants; any specific suggestions or pointers in a different direction? Thanks!

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  1. The restaurant Les Arcades has ok food and excellent atmosphere, in one of the most beautiful squares on the Riviera, in the charming medieval village Biot. Don't forget to ask the owner to show you his private gallery and photos of him and Picasso.
    The food is good; I wouldn't call it great. The experience is great. Biot is quite near Sophia Antipolis.

    Biot has two other interesting eateries: Les Terraillers (probably over your budget), Le Migranier (inexpensive and good, a locals' hangout.

    O I nearly forgot Valbonne. It is also within your under-15-min-drive condition.
    Had a great, great meal at Lou Cigalon 2 years ago. There is now a new chef-owner, but the reviews are still very good. If you have one of the prix-fixe menus, your budget will be ok.
    Valbonne also has an excellent market.

    Beaulieu, a local Riviera hound, will certainly give you a much better updated lowdown than I.