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Oct 9, 2011 09:37 PM

a brand of fridge that doesn't freeze the lettuce?

When our current fridge is kept cold enough for food safety, any produce that gets pushed to the back, freezes. (And trying to train the people in this house to keep pulling that stuff back to the front after they've gotten what they want is a lost cause.) I need a brand recommendation for something with better control over interior air and temp distribution, or maybe bins where you can vary and control the temp a bit. The lettuce probably does not need to be kept as cold as the raw fish. I probably need at least five bins, and would like to be able to dial back the temp on at least one or two. I'm looking to keep the price no more than about $2200 and I'm willing to wait for a good sale. Other details, for whatever it's worth -- I'll be looking for a side-by-side, stainless, filtered water and ice through the door, regular depth (not counter depth). Bosch seems to offer some bin-temp control in a counter-depth model, and I will consider it if I must, but I am reluctant to sacrifice fridge capacity by going with counter-depth, and the kitchen itself accommodates the traditional depth without seeming cramped.

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  1. Our Kirkland Signature (Costco) By Whirlpool has adjustable vents between the freezer and bins. No frozen lettuce.

    1. In my experience this is primarily a problem with old fridges. FWIW, I have never had a problem with inappropriate freezing in the fridge compartment in a newer--say less than 15 year old-fridge of any brand, which in my case includes two plain "whatever the appliance store sold me" standard depth basic fridges and a SubZero, so not a huge sample group but definitely covering the price range.

      Are the grille or coils kept clean on your present unit? That can be part of the problem.

      I think the bin temp and humidity control is mostly marketing nonsense. If the fridge works right, its unnecessary, IMO, but I'm not likely to have raw fish or meat hanging out in my fridge for more than a day, and if I do, I put it on ice anyway. I keep my fridge temp set 36F.

      A separate compressor for each compartment is the gold standard ala SZ or others. I'd look for that feature first. Then, is it repairable or disposable? Standard brand fridges now have a life span of 8 years. When they break they're junk and get replaced. Maybe some people like that. I have a huge problem with the waste it creates, among other things.

      1. Our 12 year old Amana did this, except the milk also froze. It is a bottom freezer, and we couldn't get any service person to address it. Mr. Sueatmo put duct tape over part of the cold air duct thingies. I just saw the old duct tape the other day when I was cleaning it out. I believe that solved it, because we don't have the problem now.We are hanging on to our old fridge until we have to replace it. A fridge only lasting 8 years is ridiculous! But that's what I hear too. They certainly haven't gotten any cheaper.

        1. Thanks for this input, which helps. I was out looking today and will be posting a followup question -- which fridge brands have good-tasting water filters?