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Oct 9, 2011 08:34 PM

Dinner party menu help

I'm planning a small dinner party for some close friends. Originally I was thinking of doing a japanese type sunomono salad... something like this: but with rice noodles as well. Then follow up with an assortment of sushi.

Problem is I'm having difficulties finding various types of fish that are fresh enough for sushi. I can still do the sunomono salad as the shrimps are cooked, and I might be able to get some salmon, but that's about all. Hardly enough for a 'variety' of sushi.

I then came across this dish which looks great:

So two questions:

1. Assuming I can get salmon would following the sunomono salad with this sushi/ceviche fusion dish be too much acidity? Or do you think they would pair ok together?

2. Any alternate suggestions for a main dish that might pair well with either one of the above as an appy?


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  1. I think it's good that you're thinking of the balance and contrast within your menu. And I don't think it would be total acidity overkill, but I do think you could do better to balance the acidity of the sunomono with something else.

    If you do get the salmon, how about a miso glazed preparation done under the broiler? (Miso, sake, brown sugar, light garlic, some green onion and a splash of oil). I think that would play very well flavor and texturewise if served alongside the tsunomono, actually.

    1. If you are living in a very hot climate, two acidic dishes might prove to be very refreshing, but assuming mild temperatures, they don't give the palate a full workout. If you cannot get a variety of sushi-grade fish, perhaps sauces and some vegetable sushi might give you more to work with. Plain salmon can be repurposed with spicy mayo. Grilled eel will give you sweetness. Tempura rolls will give you texture. Oshinko rolls will echo the sunomono, but provide a different flavor and texture. Surimi can get you California rolls. Avocado and sesame would also give you some great flavors.