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Oct 9, 2011 07:51 PM

Largemount of roasted red peppers- what to do?

I have two large leftover jars of roasted red peppers and not many recipes I have found use more than just a few. Any ideas?

I know soup is an option, but was trying to find something a little more interesting than just plain roasted red pepper soup...


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      1. An unusual soup:


        A similar dip:


        Although both recipes are made with fresh roasted red peppers, the jarred ones will be a fine sub.

        1. You can stir them into a stew made with diced pork, chorizo, olives, onion, white wine and passata for a real spanish flavour. they are also good scattered into a layer over white fish, dotted with capers and then covered with cheese sauce which makes a really unusual change to usual fish dishes.

          1. +1 on all the great ideas suggested already. you can also blend them into white bean dip, and they make a great topping for sandwiches or burgers (try them on turkey, chicken or lamb burgers), or the standard roasted/grilled portobello veggie sandwich.


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              ghg, very nice to see you back here. Hope you're ok. My deepest condolences on your recent loss.

              For the OP - The smoked paprika roasted red pepper butter is a great topping for grilled fish and wonderful with mussels. Keep a roll in the freezer.

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                thanks honey, that's really sweet. it sucks, but i can only hide my head in the sand for so long. and yes, the butter is fabulous on mussels - in the same vein it also makes a perfect spread on toast points/large croutons to accompany cioppino or bouillabaisse, almost like a butter-based alternative to rouille.