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Trader Joe's Fresh Pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any good?

Trader Joe's
1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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  1. Tried one of the types of ravioli a while ago. Not especially interesting or flavorful and haven't tried any others.

    1. Serviceable for the bargain basement price!

      1. Meh.....ok for a quick weeknight dinner, but nothing to be overly excited about.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I find Trader Joe's fresh pasta to be rather tasty and quite a bargain. The arugula with cheese is a favorite. A very simple marina sauce nicely complements.

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            We had it this week with homemade lamb broth... quite delicious just lightly poached in said broth...


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              That sounds great. I just prepared a package to al dente, tossed it with EVO, herbs and parmesan cheese. Simple meal.

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              Tried the arugula and cheese variety upon the recommendations and we really enjoyed them! Nice and easy weeknight dinner.

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                ravioli arugula with parmesan and ….hmmm.. can't recall -- but it is really good. i think i turned dommy on to it. ;-)). YO DOMMY!

              2. They are hit or miss. Some are good and other suck. It takes some experimenting to see which ones you like. They don't come off as super fresh IMHO, but are OK for a quick weeknight meal.



                1. If you are talking their fresh pasta dough, I find it quite serviceable. Usually I will run it through the tightest setting on my pasta roller to make it even thinner and then from there use it for ravioli, lasagna, manicotti, or I cut it wide for papardelle.

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                    I went to the biggest TJ's in the Boston area and asked about fresh pasta dough and they had no idea what I was talking about. Several managers said they don't carry it. Where are you shopping?

                    1. re: Berheenia

                      Maybe he means the pizza dough they sell?

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                        No. We discussed this standing in front of the display with the pizza dough and the fresh ravioli etc. I did see it at Whole Foods.

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                        At one point our TJs had fresh pasta dough... I think it's a regional item and just shows up on occasion...


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                          Exactly so. It can be regional and/or seasonal. Pizza dough is a different animal all together.

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                            TJ's fresh items usually vary quite a lot by region. Also can be frequently sold out.

                            escondido, are you talking about buying a ball of dough or are you referring to the pasta sheets? I don't recall ever seeing a ball of pasta dough (in Northern CA) but the sheets are nice for lasagna. I like your idea for rolling them thinner, which would be great for making ravioli or other filled pasta.

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                              I mean the sheets. Not only does rolling make them thinner but longer.

                      3. I like the tortellini! 3 cheese and spinach. Better than other pre-fab tortellini and for the price, excellent. I am pleased with both flavor and texture of the tortellini.

                        1. Like the Prosciutto filled Perlini pasta; tiny 'purses' with a parm, breadcrumb and prosciuttio filling - very good in a light sage-flavored cream sauce!

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                            Oh, those purses! They are so so so cute. I knew I was forgetting a cute companion to the tortellini that I posted above!