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Oct 9, 2011 06:48 PM

Simply Southern BBQ Grand Opening in Naples Florida

Simply Southern BBQ officially opens October 10th, and it'll be the first time for many to have heard of it. No wonder, Chef Mikkel Brinson had a very soft opening a few weeks ago, and he's cookin' with gas, er hardwoods, that is!

It's located at the north end of Empire Plaza, 600 Goodlette Road North, Suite 101, at the end of the same strip mall as Bambusa.

Naples has a so-so BBQ spot that sounds like a beer, and for years advertised itself as" the best", however Chef Brinson's BBQ ribs put theirs to shame!
He smokes his ribs with a light rub for long and slow hours, and they are served wonderfully tender. they could win any BBQ rib competition. They are succulent and naturally sweet without needing sauce slathered on. He does has a sauce, and notes it's St Louis style.
Try the brisket-it'll make a Texan proud! Tender and full of taste, with a good fat cap on tip. Remember, fat = flavor, and then thin cap comes right off, revealing the rich taste.

His pulled pork is good too, it doesn't need any sauce slathered on to appreciate it. There's also BBQ chicken, fish, and plates for the kids.
The hamburger is a treat, as it's made from the BBQ meats! For dessert, have some sweet potato pie-heavenly!

Go out back and look at the humongous smoker. Across the lake is the house where Chef Brinson grew up learning about BBQ, before becoming a private chef and caterer for a few years. Then, like many chefs, he got the bug to open his own restaurant, and it's a keeper.
Phone 403-3663
Check it out, and share your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to make a trip to Naples to check it out!

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    1. re: bagofwater


      (What a great name!!)

      Come on down!

      BTW, I learned much practical hands on about BBQ- rubs, fire sources, smoker designs, meat placement, etc- from Fort Myers' Emmett Todd's Backyard BBQ School-great tips from one who's studied the winners at BBQ competitions, and shares what he's found with ordinary mortals. Plus, the Q he sells around Ft Myers sells out in an hour or two-delicious.

      You also have to try Inca's Kitchen when you're down in Naples, too-a Chowhound's delight! It's Peruvian food, not "Q" that's full of flavor.

      1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

        My folks live down in Ave Maria, so we'll sometimes meet up in Naples for dinner (good halfway between us spot). Good to know there are a couple of new options. I've read good things about Inca's, so I'm glad to see it has your seal of approval.

        I've heard quite a bit about Emmett Todd as well. I've never been able to get into one of his BBQ schools. However, I've been doing pretty OK on my own lately, with some help from Only KCBS meat I haven't done yet is a brisket, but that's coming soon.

    2. his ribs were good...
      his mac and cheese reminded of my grandmothers mac and cheese....

      1. Was able to try out SS BBQ over the summer at the North Naples Farmers Market...picked up a pulled pork sandwich for my son...of course, he gave me a bit of it...VERY NICELY done! So glad they've opened now...I tend to stay away from red meat but once a month might not hurt me....!

        1. The original comment has been removed