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Oct 9, 2011 06:38 PM

Need good food (ethnic preferrably)but kid friendly in Long island

Thank you in advance for any tips-my family and I commute out to the south shore of long island each weekend and we were hoping people could recommend some places in Long Island worth getting off either the LIE or the Southern State for. We have a couple places in Flushing but would like to have a better line up further outside of the city, especially for helpinto time that early Sunday familly dinner.

Thank you

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    1. re: scunge

      I really liked Southside. The one between Smithtown and Commack appears closed.


    2. South Shore of Long Island is about 100 miles long. If you tell us what town you're in, you'll get much better responses.

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      1. re: EZ Pass

        Driving back and forth from city to Southampton. Thanks

        1. re: NYCFORKER

          There's a very good Turkish restaurant called Pita House in Patchogue:

          Another good Turkish, Ephesus, at 514 Park Blvd. Massapequa Park, 516-543-4258

          These are both striking distance from Southern State, but if you get off Southern State at Route 231 (Deerk Park Ave.), on your way north to the LIE you'll pass yet another good Turkish restaurant, Nazar, at 1474 Deer Park Ave. North Babylon, 631-586-2246.

          I know you said ethnic and not Turkish, but LI is not a hotbed of great ethnic restaurants...

          Good luck.

          Pita House
          680 Medford Ave Ste D, Patchogue, NY 11772

          1. re: EZ Pass

            The red lentil soup is excellent at Pita House. The lamajun not so much. But everything else I have tried is very good.

            1. re: EZ Pass

              Thanks-how do these compare to Angora in Medford off the LIE?

              1. re: NYCFORKER

                Aha! I thought I sensed a Turkish food fan. It's been a while since I've been to Angora, but I think these compare favorably. A kebab at every exit!

                1. re: EZ Pass

                  I do like it but am open to other suggestions as well.

        2. how ethnic do you want? house of dosas in hicksville in excelllent vegetarian indian. i always saw families there.

          in merrick, r s jones is great southern and southwestern food and very kid friendly.

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          1. re: davmar77

            Sabor a Colombia, a minute or two off the Wantagh Parkway:

            Little Mexico in Westbury:

            Ditto to Ephesus, mentioned above.

          2. There’s a few Korean spots further along Northern Blvd, away from the Main St congestion (off the Clearview a minute off the LIE). Our favorite is Jong Ga at 194-03 N.Blvd. (Its been renamed but can’t recall ). Their banchan is among the best you’ll find (on par with Hahm Ji Bach - also away from Main st but not as accessible) and includes the stone pot egg soufflé and steamed calamari salad which is fantastic. Theshort rib bbq is excellent with the house garlic soy and other add insl. The monkfish, pork casserole, and beef bibimbop are all very good too.

            What about the Indian/Pakistani places on Hillside Ave in New Hyde Park? I don’t know what sit downs are good. We’ve only hit up a little take out part of a 4 store strip on the north side near Little Neck Parkway (sorry, can’t recall name but it’s easy to find) . The curries, chicken tikka, saag, dahl and naan were all very good, nice portions and pretty cheap.

            Further along Hillside Ave is the new Sripraphai in Williston Park which I haven’t yet tried but if it’s anything like the mother ship I’d have it on the short list. Don’t mss the watercress and catfish salads, red curry duck, northern sausage, pork leg mustard greens, etc

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            1. re: EatmyBronx

              Speaking about Korean, there's Koreana, corner of Old Country Rd and South Oyster bay Rd (minutes from the LIE).

              And never forget the nearby New Chili and Curry Restaurant:

            2. There is a nice little Turkish place in Riverhead called Turkuaz. It's in the big parking lot next to the aquarium. Very casual and kid friendly. Eat outside by the river if the weather is nice.