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Brunch at the Dutch

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I had a very nice but not earth-shatteringly good brunch at the Dutch today.

We loved the pastry board. Wonderful, perfectly fluffy, glazed buttermilk doughnut that was also wonderfully tangy. It had a very nice buttermilk flavor. A textbook perfect blueberry muffin, served warm. I loved the crumb topping of the muffin, light and sweet. And the apple-cheddar scone was fantastic as well. Great taste and texture. Lightly browned cheddar on top. All served with whipped butter and jam which we thought was a cross between raspberry and blackberry? blueberry? (maybe it was boysenberry).

My fried chicken was overall quite good. Very moist. I didn't hit a dry spot while eating, which rarely happens! Three pieces to an order. Nice crust on the batter. But I don't think the batter really needs the spices (paprika or cayenne or something red) in it, it seemed to be a little over-thought/over-worked. Very juicy, and lots of hot cooked fat just under the skin, so watch your clothing (and face)!

I asked for some housemade hot sauce that I'd spied at a neighboring table, and also some maple syrup, which they graciously brought. The hot sauce was OK. Needed to be more vinegar-y IMO. Excellent honey biscuits, nice texture, very buttery, almost as good as the biscuits from Minetta Tavern's brunch. I only wish they were bigger.

Husbands pork and egg roll was great. Basically an excellent pulled pork sandwich with a gooey fried egg on top. Lots of sauce and slaw everywhere. Delicious but very, very messy.

Service was good but a little aloof. The room didn't seem very full when we got there at 11:30am, but was pretty busy after that -- probably a short (like 20 min) wait for walk-ins. Buzzy atmosphere but not too loud.

They do take reservations, which was nice. A good option for Soho brunches, especially if you've done Balthazar too many times.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. Thanks kathryn for your report. I've been very interested in trying the fried chicken, so I greatly appreciate your review.

    1. I had brunch there last month and totally agree with your review. The fried chicken was very good. The okonomiyaki was closer to an omellette (not so exciting). My favorite part of the meal was my bloody Caesar, who wouldn't love an oyster in their drink? But I have to say that Carmellini's meal at Le Grand Fooding totally knocked my socks off!

      1. We went back with some friends and I had a good time; food was a little better than last time.

        Pastry board: the apple cheddar scone was still amazing, just perfectly crumbly and moist. I loved the buckwheat pear muffin with sesame seeds and poppy seeds on the buttery, crunchy, sugar topping. So light and sweet and fluffy. The doughnut was good but not as good as last time. It was a small sugar doughnut rolled in curry spices. Good but not fantastic like the buttermilk doughnut was. Served with whipped butter, and a housemade jam with quince in it.

        Husband's pork and egg roll was great, but I adored my dish more. Soft scrambled eggs, topped with two generous pieces of smoked sable, a mountain of briny trout roe, a healthy dollop of creme fraiche, and half of a toasted bagel. You really have to love fish eggs to love this dish. And I did! Perfection.

        They're also using the back room now for brunch, and we got a nice, cozy, comfortable, and rather spacious booth, which was very pleasant. Noise was not a real issue save for a loud birthday party near us. I also saw a family eating (they have highchairs!) nearby. Lots of walk-ins, too, and it didn't seem too insane around 1:30pm, when we left.

        1. spices in the batter, especially cayenne/paprika, are very traditional in certain parts of the south (nashville). i suspect it was drawing on that convention, not overthought/worked

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          1. re: IrnScrabbleChf52

            Drawing on the convention, sure, but it seemed unnecessary (too much spicing).

            1. re: kathryn

              it's supposed to be painfully spicy. if it didn't taste like tear gas it wasn't spicy enough

              1. re: IrnScrabbleChf52

                Nope, not painfully spicy, more like "there's a lot of spice in here, huh!" level. I found it a little distracting.

          2. Do they serve up the cornbread or pies/desserts during brunch service?


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            1. re: uhockey

              I don't think they have the cornbread but they do offer pies for dessert during brunch service.

              1. re: kathryn

                Thanks - probably for the better as there are already 4 things on the menu I want to try and I'm lacking buddies willing to get up early enough for brunch in the city.

                Decisions decisions.


                1. re: uhockey

                  If you're looking for a brunch partner, I've been meaning to get to the Dutch and could join you.

                  1. re: ml77

                    CH generally doesn't like people arranging get togethers by means other than a "pinned" thread, but I'm always game for dining buddies. My contact info is in my profile.


            2. I had a somewhat different experience. I finally tried the fried chicken this weekend - and I while I thought it had a great crunch-to-moist ratio, it was kinda lackluster in the flavor department. The opposite of over-thought / over-worked, if anything. Even with the hot sauce... meh. Just okay. I find Peel's fried chicken far superior. The hot sauce, I agree, needed to have a little more vinegar punch. Also, it needed to be hot. It was about as spicy as angel food cake.

              And I got four pieces, not three. Don't know what to make of that.

              I found the biscuits kind of blah. Not, like, leaden or anything, but they seemed a little low on fluffitude and flakyosity.

              The soft-scrambled eggs I thought were great, though they might be a bit "fishy" for some thanks to the trout roe - but I like funky/fishy things. That said, the portion was quite small, especially given the ($19) price - it didn't have much in the way of sides, and I'm a firm believer that any brunch egg dish should ALWAYS have some kind of potato component. Always. Adding a pile of hash browns would've cost the restaurant $1, and rounded out the plate.

              In fact, I've noticed serious portion disparity there at brunch - my fried chicken was about three times the size of my girlfriend's eggs. At the table next to us, one diner had a behemoth of a sandwich (all the sandwiches and burgers are pretty big, good bang for your buck), while her dining companion's frittata was easily smaller than our beet salad appetizer. It's not even so much a question of value for your money (though the smaller dishes were certainly overpriced) but of the fact that if things aren't sized evenly, you wind up with situations where one diner has finished their entree and is sitting around in front of an empty plate while everyone else is still eating.

              Speaking of the beet salad - awesome. Smoked eggs, a chive-horseradish cream, celery and apple and some kind of crushed nuts (can't remember what kind right now) - just delicious, a great plate of bright flavors and textures. Easily the best thing we've had at brunch there.

              The Dutch
              131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

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              1. re: sgordon

                There are no sweets on this order - I'm already disinterested. :-)

                Did they serve the cornbread? Any pies or desserts available?


                1. re: uhockey

                  Not to us. But we're strictly savories when it comes to brunch. They did offer us a dessert menu, but we declined it.

              2. I'm not much of a brunch eater, but I had brunch/lunch with a friend at the Dutch on Sat. and ordered the turkey sandwich with avocado. It's a terrific sandwich. My friend had the pancakes and a side of fresh fruit for $10. Yes, that's $10 for a fresh fruit plate. It came with about 2 oz. of fruit, comically small. I think all the good press the Dutch has been getting has enabled them to get away with this highway robbery. At any rate, I recommend avoiding the $10 fresh fruit plate at all costs.

                The Dutch
                131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012