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Oct 9, 2011 03:28 PM

Freezing potsticker/dumpling filling?

I want to make some potstickers tonight and figured I would make a recipe's amount-fry up some and freeze the rest of the filling.

Have done this before and the defrosted filling ended up being real watery (I guess because of the cabbage)

I really dont want to assemble enough dumplings to use up all the filling-that is a ton of work.

What do you all think?

should I freeze the filling and add some cornstarch to it after it is thawed? or when the filling is thawed drain if between towels? or both?

or half the filling I am making and forget freezing altogether-

I think this is rambling but I am hoping this made sense :)

Thanks if you reply !

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  1. I'm guessing you're not salting the cabbage and draining off the moisture before mixing it in. If you haven't mixed it up yet, I'd do that since it only takes a few minutes. Pouring moisture off the mix might drain away a lot of flavor.

    Easiest advice: throw your filling in the fridge and figure out what to do with it tomorrow.

    I like to keep mine in the fridge a day or two before wrapping, the flavors meld so wonderfully. I've never frozen the filling, only wrapped dumplings, and then cook from frozen so I've no idea if the filling gets watery.

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    1. re: mlou72

      Hi I will salt and drain the cabbage

      it sounds like no one recommends freezing-I will 1/2 the recipe


    2. Half the filling and forget the freezing altogether.

      1. Do consider making all of the dumplings you can. It definitely takes a while, but then they freeze beautifully and it's so handy to have bags of them in the freezer for quick meals later. And, you don't have to get them all done before dinner. Make the leftovers in front of the TV after dinner and you won't even notice the chore.

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          I agree with katecm - resign yourself to making all the dumplings 'til the fillings gone, or if you're really not up to that, do something else with the filling rather than freeze it outside of dumplings. Once dumplinged, they freeze beautifully.