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Oct 9, 2011 02:19 PM

Aruba - looking for recs

We're headed to Aruba for 5 days next week- staying on Eagle Beach. Looking for a few good spots for casual, reasonably priced food. Fine dining is not what we're after - we enjoy that kind of food often enough. Suggestions for something in the land that lies between Madame Jenette's and KFC would be great. We do have reservations one night at Flying Fishbone. Have heard mixed reviews, but not sure what went wrong when people were dissatisfied - would be curious to hear details.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. We go to Aruba every year and only had one experience with Flying Fishbone but it was bad. First, it's far so the cab ride was expensive. We were seated outside IN the water and couldn't enjoy our time due to the thousands of Mosquitos. The food was not worth it. Definitely check out Wacky Wahoos. Reasonably priced, in strip mall and incredibly fresh seafood. For Italian, go to hostoria d'vitorria instead of Giannis.

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      Also go to Aruba every year and also not a fan of Flying Fishbone. Almost all of Aruba is casual. Would recommend Wacky Wahoo as well. Another very casual and relatively inexpensive place (for Aruba) that I like is Bingo's....have the hamburger! Yemanja Wood Fire Grill is another favorite. Old Fisherman (downtown) - great grilled fish, many locals eat here. Maybe Barefoot instead of Flying Fishbone?


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        Agree with above - always like Iguana Joe's downtown for a view of the harbor and the traffic below. Love their salads. Bingo's curly fries are the best!! Also try Casa Tua.