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Oct 9, 2011 01:09 PM

Rock and Roll Ribs

Saw a critics review on this place in Coral Springs........Looked great, but is it worth the dive from Lake Worth?

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  1. Definitely. It's a 45 minute drive for us and it's worth it every time! Best ribs I've had down here. (We're not into Iron Maiden but if you are, as a bonus, you'll often find members of the band hanging out and putting on the occasional live show which is pretty cool.)

    1. You should also try Smokehouse in Boca and Porky & Beth's BBQ truck at Bedner's in Boynton for something closer to home.

      1. yes, yes it is. get the ribs. you may be lucky enough to see Nicko McBrain himself, too. If you like beer, get your food to go and eat it at World of Beer half a mile down the road, although the atmosphere at Rock N Roll ribs is pretty cool, too.

        1. Cool atmosphere if you are into rock & roll for sure! This place was packed on a Friday night before the Roger Waters concert. The menu is your average fare and prices are very reasonable.

          I just got a half rack baby backs $11.95 since it comes with two sides & toast and wasn't going straight home for a take home box. Ribs are not done in a smoker (I don't think) and if they were, not much smoke flavor going on here. They ribs were cooked very well otherwise and fall off the bone and sauced if that is what you like. Sauces were three varieties if I remember correctly but forgot the names.Chili as a side was too sweet for my likes and loaded baked potato average. The loads for chili and baked potato come in little cups so you can add as much as you!

          Food is served on metal trays and the service was ok even though they were busy. BBQ is definitely more of a backyard style than your smoked kind. I would drop back in when I am headed towards Bank Atlantic again for sure!