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Oct 9, 2011 12:42 PM

Lodge factory store

Made the trip up I85 to the Lodge Cast Iron factory store in Commerce, GA this weekend. The staff was very helpful-they even told me when they were expecting a shipment. The factory in TN only offers tours once a year and inventory-including seconds-is divided evenly among their 4 stores. Prices are 20-50% off stores or Amazon. They had a good selection of seconds-the "defects" were marked, but in many cases are undetectable.(if anyone is interested in their new guitar skillet, it's a miniature novelty item- the right size for a spoon rest or ashtray-not a skillet) I bought prizes for my workplace chili cook-off and a 7 qt dutch oven for myself. It's worth the trip, but if you have a specific item in mind call ahead & staff can advise you on sales, seconds, etc. This stuff lasts forever, so I won't be a frequent shopper. Very Cool Place!

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