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Oct 9, 2011 12:11 PM

Canadian Thanksgiving

Just wondering how many have the turkey today, how many on actual Thanksgiving day.

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  1. My family had turkey on on Sunday Oct. 9th like you did. I prefer that because the roads are probably less busy.

    1. Please share your food traditions!

      1. This year we had the big dinner on Thanksgiving Monday, which is what I prefer.

        We used to visit my parents, who lived in rural Ontario, and we held the dinner on Sunday, so that everyone could drive home with time to spare. Holding it on Monday would've been too much of a rush for making the 2.5 hour drive home. But they're not in farm country anymore, so it's not an issue.

        No special traditions in my family. Just the usual bird & sides, etc. I do not like pumpkin in any form, so I always make sure there's an alternative pie for me and others who are of the same mind.

        1. Ever since my siblings and I were no longer living at home, Thanksgiving dinner has been on Sunday (but still at my parents' house). It's not a long drive to their house, but we all prefer being able to relax at home on Monday.

          It's always turkey, stuffing, and the usual sides. And the tradition of my brother not helping with anything and leaving while still chewing (thank goodness he married a lovely woman who tries to compensate for him :))

          1. We had ours yesterday, on the actual day. We had prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, caulflower/broccoli gratin, brussel sprouts, coleslaw and apple and pumpkin pie. I was glad we didn't have turkey this year; it's not my favourite and usually we have it at Christmas too.