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Oct 9, 2011 12:00 PM

Brand new and absolutely terrific in Rutherford - Grill Poblano

Just had the best Mexican lunch we've had outside of Chicago or east Oakland at Grill Poblano, 47 Park Ave, Rutherford, which just opened last Friday.
Had excellent guacamole to start (the chips were the only weak point, they are roasted, fried would be better), then carnitas tacos for me (with red onions, cilantro, grilled spring onion, rajas, and nopales) - 3 very well stuffed ones served open on 2 tortillas each.
A Mexican sandwich (as described on the menu) for him of lamb barbacoa with beans, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and sliced chile. (Was unusual for him to order a sandwich, he's not crazy about them, but he said this was the best one he's had out other than a banh mi.)
$7.25 for the carnitas, $8.25 for the lamb.
They also have chicken ($6.75), beef ($7.25), tongue $7.45), tilapia ($8.25), shrimp ($8.25)
and a vegetarian option (6.95), all as either tacos, burrito, salad (with beans, roasted corn, red onion, cucumber and cheese), sandwich, platter with rice and beans, or quesadillas.
Their soda case is stocked with various Jarritos, Jumex juices, Mexican coke in bottles and Squirt ditto along with some less-unusual types.
The restaurant is decorated with pottery and assorted objets d'art, very attractively.
Service is cordial and you can BYOB.
What more could you want in a new place in Rutherford? Please go. You will not be sorry.

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  1. So sorry, but I have to disagree.

    It was painting day. I was hot, tired, and picking up some more gallons from the Sherwin Williams across the street. I was delighted to see Grill Poblano's sign, and figured it would be the perfect hot lunch to bring back to my equally tired and paint-covered hubby. One of those new-home-meal-on-you-lap things.

    Anyway, the place was cute and clean, the waitstaff the same. The menu was promising. The local mom and pop feel was, too. The chefs seemed really eager for the order, and had lots of friendly smiles.

    It was late on a Sunday afternoon, I was the only person there. I ordered two burritos. Chicken. I confirmed with the hostess that there was no cheese in the dishes. And no sour cream, b/c my husband is lactose intolerant. She confirmed both: No Cheese. No Sour Cream.

    Happily get home, ready to chow. First thing I notice: CHEESE. On both. Bummer. Fine. We'll manage. First bite. DISAPPOINTING. The chicken was fine. Plain, unseasoned grilled chicken. The mushy, plain, unseasoned white rice and the mushy, plain, unseasoned pinto beans were pathetic. The avocado, which sounded like an amazing addition, was another warm, mushy, and somewhat-sour tasting element. Nary one hint of flavor (e.g. cilantro would have made it!) and horrible mush-fest texture.

    The one redeeming quality about the burritos: we were tired and hungry, and they were HOT FOOD. That's it.

    Such a bummer, because everything else about the place was charming.

    1. Wow. I live in this town, and I'm confused about both of these reviews. This is an example of the best/worst of the Internet.
      Give the owner of the business 5 minutes for goodness sake! In this economy, it's almost madness to start a you have to find staff that will stand up to the high standards of everyone that has a laptop or I-whatever.
      I can't wait to check them out....and I want to support them through their ups and downs, and get to know them as a choice for food in Rutherford.
      I'm thinking of every job I've ever would things have been different if I had been ...Fired Or Hired...after 1 month.

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      1. re: phDuh

        We live here too - and our experience was very enjoyable, despite their having been open such a short time. Do try the place. Looking forward to the next time (the carnitas were like meat candy).

      2. Had lunch there again today - they took the lamb off the menu (too expensive) but the carnitas are terrific. He had the lovely tacos, I had a burrito. Both very tasty. Nice people, too.

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        1. re: buttertart

          Had lunch there. Ordered the carnitas quesadilla. Was pretty thin with barely any meat, for 7.25 this is a very expensive item. Tasted just ok. I would not return.

        2. Had lunch there today - the carnitas platter, with rice and beans and a couple of slices of avocado. 4 corn tortillas with. I could only eat about half of it, the portion was so large. Delicious - the carnitas were like meat candy. My husband's cemita (also carnitas) was very well-filled and he enjoyed it a lot.