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Oct 9, 2011 11:47 AM
Discussion ever order cookware from them?

Often, after a long run, I am spent of energy for much of anything except Chowhound and internet window shopping. I ran across a cookware retailer called, which I'd never heard of before. Has anyone used them and would you recommend them or not?

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  1. Oh gosh.. what a can of worms you have opened for me there.

    First let me say that I don't think the situation is ultimately MetroKitchen's fault, but they are depending on their distributor/supplier who is apparantly hanging them out to dry in regard to this item.

    Long story short: Last December (2010) I ordered a magnetic knife block from them. Theirs is made in Germany and may be either the unbranded Messermeister OR a local knockoff. Their website did say they were backordered on this item for about 30 days (till Jan 2011). Okay, no big deal. I placed the order and my credit card was charged at the time of ordering.

    Fast forward to March 2011, still no knife block; emailed MetroKitchen who responded that they were expecting to get their shipment in April. Fast forward again to June, still no knife block, yet another email to MetroKitchen who responded that the cargo ship with the order is due at the end of July. FF again to end of August, testy email to Metrokitchen pointing out that a baby could be produced in the same amount of time as this freakin' knife block. MetroKitchen responded that they are still waiting on their supplier who has last promised them the shipment this month (October). This time they gave me the toll free phone # for their supplier and so I suspect I am not the only pissedoff customer over this item.

    To MetroKitchen's credit they are no longer taking orders for this item on their website, and they did respond within 48 hours to my emails. However I am still irked that they have had my $ for the item for 10 months and I still don't have the item. I checked and no one else seems to be offering this item in stock either, so it's not as if I can go elsewhere for it. AND, Metrokitchen did have a better price than the other vendors when I first looked for it a year ago.

    I will be curious to see whether, whenever the item ULTIMATELY is sent to me, whether MetroKitchen includes something in the way of compensation for having to wait probably a year for something ..... if I were in their shoes I certainly would, even though the issue was out of my control. On the other hand, I would also be sending out "update" emails automatically to all customers who were still waiting for such an extensive back order to be filled --- but again that is just me.

    I have not ordered specific cookware from them so can't speak to the quality of that, although I am definitely curious to see what the quality of the knife block will be.... IF/WHEN we do ever RECEIVE the thing. :/

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      Thanks for the quick (and extensive!) reply! I hope they did take the CC charge off. I was looking at the reviews of metrokitchen and most of them (but not all), while positive, were very old. It does sound like their customer service sucks. Even if it is a supplier's fault, they should keep you abreast of everything without your needing to send constant reminder emails.

      I think I'm better off sticking with tried-and-true sites.

      1. re: skyline

        Why didn't you just ask them to reverse the charge, or make a credit card dispute? I would never let anyone take my money and not deliver for so long.

        1. re: mcf

          I spoke to my credit card company about this in August and they said that the window for disputes is 90 days. Since when I ordered it I already knew there was a 30-day backorder (and it was during the holiday season after all, which is reasonable to expect product "outages" in) and felt that the projected early-April delivery was stil acceptable, I didn't rush to cancel. Also, NOBODY else either online or in-store, had this same item for less (nor do any of them have it available even now; see links below!) -- so it wasn't as if I could simply take my business elsewhere for this item, which is one that I do need because I now have knives that do not fit into any kind of slotted block. (btw I just checked MetroKitchen's site and they have entirely removed this block for sale, so I guess they are just going to fill the backorders eventually and not offer it for sale until they actually have stock on hand)

          The interesting part is whether these other sites are going to be offering theirs (if/when they get THEIR stock) for a lower price than MetroKitchen did when I ordered mine (which was $113 with free shipping; other backordered sites are $99/free shipping -- so yes if the other site's pricing remains the same once these things finally hit the shores of the USA, I do plan to ask for an adjustment).

      2. I recently ordered from them, and have in the past a couple times with no complaint. I received notice of shipping via email and the items arrived as promised and even a day before estimated time. No issues so far.

        1. I ordered an All Clad 10" French Skillet from them on sale for $65 with free shipping about two years ago and had no problems with them. They sometimes have some really good sales.

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          1. re: MrsT

            I noticed that, but I wasn't familiar with them. I was concerned because the reviews were really quite old ( most were from 2007 and earlier). Thanks to all for sharing your experiences!

          2. I've ordered several items from them in the last year, and was very impressed with the customer service. A rep went into the storeroom to measure and weigh a pot I was considering for which full info wasn't listed.

            I've also exchanged a purchased (but not used) pan for another item altogether, with no problems whatsoever.

            1. I'm a 60 year old career sales executive and entrepreneur. This ranks with the worst buying experiences of my life, right up there with phony watch hawks in Times Square.

              We purchased a new 10-piece All-Clad set for our daughter's birthday. Upon inspecting the set the day it arrived, we found 2 pots scuffed on the bottom. I contacted Lauren, a member of this family owned company. Lauren was very helpful and said she would send an exchange. I was leaving for a one-month vacation and concerned about holding the pieces until I returned. Lauren assured me this would not be a problem and she confirmed our agreement by email.

              After returning from vacation, I inspected the replacement pieces, and shipped the tow damage pots back. Two days later, Shaun, their customer service manager emailed me that the returned items had been used and they do not accept returns of used items.

              We never used any of the items in the set. Everything is in the original packing. We have documentation and photos. After a heated conversation, in which I was basically called a liar, I tried to remedy by email with no change. Lauren never responded to any of the emails. He refused to put Lauren on the phone or she refused to get on the call, I'm not sure although I assume the former.

              They charged over $500 for the two replacement items to my credit card. MetroKitchen stated they are returning the two damaged items to me and expect me to keep the replacement pots as well. We only paid $549 for the whole set – nearly double the price.

              Hopefully our credit card company will work this out. We are filing complaints with the BBB, FTC and a claim for mail fraud.