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Oct 9, 2011 11:44 AM

Reasonably Priced YERBA MATE in Boston Area?

Anyone know where I can find loose leaf bags of Yerba Mate in the Boston area? I've been buying the tea bags at Trader Joe's, but they are getting expensive!

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  1. Trader Joe's is the cheapest I know for the Yerba bagged tea. Lots of online sources for loose matte, if you have a bomba

    Trader Joe's
    1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

    1. Are you looking for tea bags, or are you looking for loose yerba mate?

      I would try some of the Brazilian markets, since I think they sometimes have it....there's the one on Somerville Ave between Union and Porter, and maybe Market Basket in Somerville would be worth a try too.

      Dave MP

      1. Capone's in Union Sq., Somerville, had large bags (probably one pound) of bulk tea for $7.95 today.

        1. middle-eastern markets carry it as syrian/lebanese in south america discovered Yerba Mate. have seen it at Cedars in Norwood downtown, the place by Job Lot on Rt 1 heading towards Walpole, just check your area? 2-3 dollars gets you a 500g "brick". south-american grocers of Eastie, Roxbury (probably Lynn, Revere) have it. Tropical had enormous bags of Taragui, Rosamente, & Cruz De Malta last week (thru the narrow passageway to Room 2 and take a right then a quick left)