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Oct 9, 2011 11:07 AM

Copenhagen new Indoor food market

The new Torvehallerne Maket on Fredriksborggade (near a Metro station) is a treasure trove of food stands for the foodie palette. Among my faves:

- Il Fornaio breads, Elvio Milleri is the maestro of flour. His agility with whole wheat is a not-to-be-missed special treat.
- The Coffee Collective has great coffee, and among the best croissants in town
- Keep your eyes open at 1 of the fish stands for the house-smoked scallops (really delicate)
- The tapas stand is sensational (I forget the name)
- a few crepe makers
- And there's a plethora of great chocolate & truffles to be had
- cheese and salumi galore

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  1. Thanks for this Copenhagen tip. I'm visiting for the first time next week. I've been lucky enough to get a table at (the allegedly fantastic) Noma but am looking for some places easier on the wallet for the other days. I'll definitely check it out.

    1. - The duck confit sandwich at Ma Poule is a must have.
      - Agree about the smoked scallops at the fish stand. They also have great fried fish - either as fish and chips or in a "fish taco" that is more Denmark than Baja, but still good.
      - Summerbird has fabulous chocolates, particularly the flodebolle.