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Oct 9, 2011 10:56 AM

Wilshire DineLA Lunch -- Issue

First the good news -- my salmon was excellent, beautifully cooked, nice crust, buttery sauce. And the back patio on a pretty day is a wonderful venue.

The issue: Appetizers did not include the advertised crab cake. No change mentioned when I called to confirm my DineLA reservation. And yes, it was on the regular menu -- a single for $17 and an entree for $32, so they had the item in stock and on offer. Yes, I know that DineLA menus are subject to change, but because of dietary restrictions (kidney patient) the other offerings didn't work well. And I had chosen Wilshire because of the published menu. Yet the manager insisted that she couldn't accommodate me, and said the chef (whose decision it was) wouldn't speak to me (despite the fact it was 11:30 and we were the only patrons in the restaurant). Yes, I finally got my way (three thimble-sized cakes over avocado, which I don't eat, rather than the advertised citrus vinaigrette) but only after a long argument. Note -- that was Thursday and the same crab cake, as well as other non-offered dishes, are still on the website.

C'mon restaurants, if you don't want to participate, don't. But don't put out a menu, draw customers in, and then change it without a good reason. And if you change the menu, publish the changes on the website, it isn't that difficult.

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  1. Did the restaurant give a reason why they could not serve the crab cake for the DineLA menu?

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    1. re: PandanExpress

      No. The manager just said the chef had changed the menu.

      Then when I asked to speak with the chef (remember, it is 11:30 and we are the only table occupied in the entire restaurant) she first said ok. Then she said that it was a sous chef at lunch, and the executive chef who decided wasn't there. When I pointed out that the crab cakes were on the menu and asked to speak with the sous chef, she said he didn't want to.

      1. re: nosh

        Wow, compare that to our experience at Dominick's in West Hollywood this AM. DineLA published brunch menu differs from menu given to us in restaurant by two items. We pointed this out to manager, one of the entrees we intended to order was not on the restaurants DineLA menu but was on the regular menu. Manager was quite surprised, marketing people are responsible for getting the menu on the DineLA website and she was not aware there was any difference from the menu they were using in the restaurant. Not only did she allow us to order the one entree off the menu at the DineLA price, she comped us our beverages for our troubles (which was totally unnecessary because we actually had no "troubles")- awesome, gracious service.

        Sorry about your experience, check out Dominick's for next weekend.