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Oct 9, 2011 09:57 AM

2012 South Beach Wine & Food Festival - Discounts & Tips

Hello Fellow Chowhounders,

I read on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival website that there's a Amex Cardmembers' pre-sale going on tomorrow, October 10, 2011 thru Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Amex Cardmembers will receive 15% off the purchase of a Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village ticket including speed line access, or a Festival Weekend Pass during the pre-sale period.

My intention of opening up this thread was to share this discount with those who are interested and to open up the discussion for other deals/ tips for purchasing discounted tickets for this years event.

A few years back, I was able to secure two tickets on Ebay to the Best of the Best for $500 (normally $350pp + tax & fees). I tried going the same route in subsequent years, but didn't have much luck. Probably due to the increased demand for tickets, events selling out, and Southern Wine & Spirits limiting the amount of tickets comp they give out.

I also remember reading about a 15% discounted rate for Miami Beach Residents a couple years back. Not sure if that still goes on?

Well, that pretty much covers everything I know regarding deals on tickets to the SOBE Wine & Food Festival. Hopefully, you guys have some additional insight and information you can share on the subject. Also, if you're planning on attending this year, please let us know which events look interesting to you.



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  1. Hi George- the MB residents discount still applies as does the Amex presale- which is a good deal. The Best of the Best is my favorite event that I have attended for several years. Always the best chefs and wine that night! The brunch at Sea was excellent last year with Michael Schwartz- this year is Douglas Rodriguez- may attend that. I also like the new Carts on the Beach event as well as the Bobby Flay dinner at The Raleigh...decisions, decisions...